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Welcome to the Student Union

The Student Union of the University of Helsinki is a corporation subject to public law.All undergraduates and graduate students at the University of Helsinki are members of the Student Union.HYY provides its members with guidance services and interest representation as well as various membership benefits. The membership of HYY entitles you to student discounts provided by society, such as public transportation, student priced meals and discounts to many cultural events.Read more»



Campus Farming

HYY does campus farming in the summer 2014 in cooperation with the university. More information in the Campus farming blog (mostly in Finnish).

 Kampusviljelyä vuonna 2013


Who should I contact? Find out more here.

Janne Lardot
+358 (0)50 543 8460

Ilona Kalliola
Development cooperation coordinator
+35850 543 8450


HYY is actively influencing the university and society.


Board Programme 2012

HYY Group

The HYY Group is a multibusiness corporate group in the service sector. The HYY Group is owned by the Student Union of the University of Helsinki and is the Student Union’s preferred way of organizing its business operations.

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In cooperation

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UniCafes lunch menus

Monday 01.09.2014

Bistro: Broccoli puree soup (g,k,vl), Bistro

Bistro: Crispy chicken (l,v), Bistro

Chicken wok (g,l,m,v), Edullisesti

Lemon-fish schnitzel (l), Edullisesti

Oriental kikbean sauce ([S],g,k,l,m,so,v,ve), Edullisesti

Ham soup Sicilian style ([S],g,l,m,v), Edullisesti

, Edullisesti

Lunch salad, Edullisesti

Pork stew ([S],l,m), Edullisesti

Currant quark, Suu makeaksi 1,00 €

Monday 01.09.2014

, Päivän hedelmä

Chicken breast, Tagine sauce ([S],g,l,m,pä,v), Maukkaasti

Crispy fish schnitzel, chive-sour cream, Edullisesti

Chickpea pot with nuts ([S],g,k,l,m,pä,so,ve), Edullisesti

Goatcheese salad (g,k,l,v), Edullisesti

, Viesti

Tuesday 02.09.2014

Indian fish curry ([S],g,l,m,v), Edullisesti

Chickpea pot with nuts ([S],g,k,l,m,pä,so,v,ve), Edullisesti

Chicken balls with BBQ sauce (l,so), Edullisesti

Chicken salad ([S],g,l,m,v), Edullisesti

Cream vanilla with raspberry jam (g,k), Suu makeaksi 1,00 €

Tuesday 02.09.2014

Smoked salmon with tartar sauce (g,l), Maukkaasti

Pork pot with sesame and chili ([S],g,l,m,pä,v), Edullisesti

Chicken nuggets, sweet chili sauce (l,v), Edullisesti

Cheese and spinach Palak paneer (g,k,so), Edullisesti

Fruity chicken salad ([S],l), Edullisesti

Banana smoothie (g,k,l), Suu makeaksi 1,00 €