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HYY's Representative Council elections will be conducted on 4-5 Nov 2014. Advance voting will be organised on Wednesday, 29 October and Thursday, 30 October. The Representative Council of sixty members is the highest decision-making body of the Student Union. All HYY's members are entitled to vote in the elections. By voting you can have an effect on how the Student Union discusses, comments and uses its money.Representative Council Elections page »


31. October 2014 - 18:47
Astu sisään tiedon maailmaan ja tutustu upeisiin avajaistarjouksiin! Gaudeamuksen uusi verkkokauppa on uudistunut lattiasta kattoon. Uusi kauppa on nimensä mukaisesti pikakirjakauppa: uusimmat kirjat toimitetaan jopa yhdessä arkipäivässä ja yli 60 euron tilaukset aina ilman postikuluja. Verkkokauppaamme pääset tästä. Osoite on helppo muistaa, se on gaudeamus.pikakirjakauppa.fi Avajaistarjoukset ovat voimassa 16.11.2014 asti. […]




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Mari Kyllönen
Board Member
Organizations, Students with family
050 543 9615

Toivo Laitinen
Board Member
Working Life Affairs, International Affairs,
International Educational Policy
050 595 0329


HYY is actively influencing the university and society.


Board Programme 2012

HYY Group

The HYY Group is a multibusiness corporate group in the service sector. The HYY Group is owned by the Student Union of the University of Helsinki and is the Student Union’s preferred way of organizing its business operations.

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UniCafes lunch menus

Friday 31.10.2014

Bistro: Cheese-chickpea soup ([S],g,k,v,vl), Bistro

Bistro: Fried vendaces ([S],vl), Bistro

Chicken with chili and coconut Halloween ([S],g,l,m,v), Edullisesti

Bean pot ([S],g,k,l,m,v,ve), Edullisesti

Pikeperch balls, shallot yogurt sauce ([S],l), Edullisesti

Pumpkin soup ([S],g,k,l), Kevyesti

Mango and liquorice quark Halloween (g,k,l), Suu makeaksi 1,00 €

Saturday 01.11.2014

, Viesti

Friday 31.10.2014

Greek chicken sauce ([S],g,v,vl), Edullisesti

Baked Mexican fish ([S],g,l), Edullisesti

Vegan nuggets, sweet chilisås ([S],l,v,ve), Edullisesti

Salad with goat cheese and pine kernel (g,k,pä), Edullisesti

Lingonberry-oat quark (vl), Edullisesti

Friday 31.10.2014

Cheddar stuffed fish roll with shallot dipp ([S],pä,v), Maukkaasti

Bolognaise with minced meat, grated cheese ([S],g,l,pä,v), Edullisesti

Chicken with chili and coconut Halloween ([S],g,l,m,v), Edullisesti

Soyabolognaise ([S],g,k,l,m,so,v,ve), Edullisesti

Cheddar salad (k,vl), Edullisesti

Mango and liquorice quark Halloween (g,k,l), Suu makeaksi 1,00 €