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Welcome to the Student Union!

The Student Union is the students' benefit and service organisation. All undergraduates and graduate students at the University of Helsinki are members of the Student Union. The membership of HYY entitles you to student discounts provided by society, such as public transportation, student priced meals and discounts to many cultural events. More information




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Merja Viitasalo
Chief Financial Officer (CFO)
+358(0)50 534 2963

Juhani Turunen
Office Secretary
+358 50 551 6146


HYY is actively influencing the university and society.


Board Programme 2012

HYY Group

The HYY Group is a multibusiness corporate group in the service sector. The HYY Group is owned by the Student Union of the University of Helsinki and is the Student Union’s preferred way of organizing its business operations.

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