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HYY's Representative Council elections will be conducted on 4-5 Nov 2014. Advance voting will be organised on Wednesday, 29 October and Thursday, 30 October. The Representative Council of sixty members is the highest decision-making body of the Student Union. All HYY's members are entitled to vote in the elections. By voting you can have an effect on how the Student Union discusses, comments and uses its money.Representative Council Elections page »




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Jaakko Rissanen
Board Member
Subsistence, Housing
050 325 9175

Juho Savolainen
Property assistant
Non-Military service
050 551 6147


HYY is actively influencing the university and society.


Board Programme 2012

HYY Group

The HYY Group is a multibusiness corporate group in the service sector. The HYY Group is owned by the Student Union of the University of Helsinki and is the Student Union’s preferred way of organizing its business operations.

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UniCafes lunch menus

Wednesday 22.10.2014

Kebab wok (g,l,m,v), Edullisesti

Fish (pike) balls, Russian sour cream sauce ([S],g,vl), Edullisesti

Soya lasagnette ([S],k,l,m,so,ve), Edullisesti

Soup with minced meat and beans ([S],g,l,m,v), Edullisesti

, Edullisesti

, Edullisesti

, Edullisesti

Chicken leg, curry sauce (l), Edullisesti

Black cod in red curry sauce ([S],g,l,m), Edullisesti

Ratatouille with mushrooms ([S],g,k,l,m,se,v,ve), Edullisesti

White choclate mousse, Suu makeaksi 1,00 €

, Viesti

Wednesday 22.10.2014

Gilled pork steak, pepper sauce ([S],l), Maukkaasti

Sailors cod, dil-sour cream sauce ([S],l), Edullisesti

Chili con soya ([S],g,l,m,so,v,ve), Edullisesti

Salad with cottage cheese ([S],g,k,l), Edullisesti

Yogurt pannacotta, rasberry jam, Suu makeaksi 1,00 €

Thursday 23.10.2014

Meat balls, pepper sauce (l,m,pä,v), Edullisesti

Tomato and fish sauce ([S],l,pä), Edullisesti

Falafel balls, tzatziki (k,l,se,v), Edullisesti

Game salad ([S],g,l), Edullisesti

Rosehip quark (g,k,l), Suu makeaksi 1,00 €

Wednesday 22.10.2014

Wiener schnitzel (l,pä), Maukkaasti

Chicken-sauce Marengo ([S],l,m,so,v), Edullisesti

Herring coated with sour cracker ([S],l), Edullisesti

Bean curry ([S],g,k,l,m,ve), Edullisesti

Salad á la Nicoise (g,l,m), Edullisesti

Rosehip compot (g,k,l), Suu makeaksi 1,00 €