For Organisations

Financial statement evening on 3 Dec


HYY will organise a training session for the treasurers of its organisations. The training session covers the preparing of financial statements. In the training session, you learn how to prepare financial statements for the organisation. APA Johanna Hilden is the instructor. The course is held in Mannerheim hall, at 5 pm-7 pm. The course will be held in Finnish.

In the training session, we will use Tilitin software, so please bring your own computer and install the software before the training session. You can download Tilitin for free here:

You can send questions to the instructor in advance. If you already know some tricky problems concerning the calculation of the balance sheet, expenditure in the income statement, posting of receipts or any other issue related to financial statements, please send your question to Johanna to  johanna.hilden [at]

Please sign up for the training session by 1 Dec via the e-form: