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Newsletter for student organisations 1/2015


Reservation rounds for Alina Hall to begin on 13 March
Tuning Day 9 March 2015
Grants available for campus meeting points
Organisational Affairs Q & A
"Suursitsit" are coming again!

Reservation rounds for Alina Hall to begin on 13 March

Reservation rounds for Alina Hall are here again. During the reservation rounds, user hours are reserved for the autumn of 2015.

Reservation rounds

Alina hall can be booked during reservation rounds. There are two reservation rounds during the spring. In addition, an advance booking session is organised. During these rounds, you can make two (2) reservations for Alina hall for the autumn of 2015. You must have completed the user training for Alina hall by your own reservation date during the current calendar year. An additional training session is organised, if necessary, in the autumn of 2015. If an organisation does not participate in the training session, the reservation will expire. If the organisation does not participate in the training session, the reservation will expire.

Reservations are made through an electronic form.

Advance reservations

Advance reservation period is 15 March-22 March. During this period, organisations have the opportunity to book festive premises in advance before the beginning of actual booking rounds if they have a well-grounded reason (e.g. anniversary) to apply for a specific date. 

Advance reservations are made through a separate reservation form at:

Advance booking must include:

  •     Name of the organisation that makes the booking
  •     Contact person and telephone number
  •     Event for which you want to book the premises and the nature of the event

Decisions on advance reservations are made by the Committee for Organisational Affairs together with the board member in charge of organisations and the specialist (organisations) at 4.30pm-7.30pm on 7 Oct.

Actual reservation rounds

Reservations are made during two rounds. On each round, you can apply for one reservation for Alina hall if you have not made an advance reservation for Alina.Organisations must check the available hours from the Student Union's electronic calendar at Reservation rounds will be organised on 26 March–30 March and 2 Apr–12 Apr.

The arrival time of the reservation does not affect the status of booking, but incomplete or late applications will not be processed. If there are overlapping bookings, the organisations in question will be offered other available dates through mediation. If agreement is not reached, the matter is settled by drawing lots. The Committee for Organisational Affairs is in charge of the mediation and the raffle.

NB! The contact person designated by the organisation should be reachable by telephone after the end of both booking rounds when bookings will be processed. In this way, the mediation of overlapping bookings is possible. Organisations should also consider alternative dates in case the original booking overlaps with an event of another organisation. Please make sure before each booking that the requested date is available!

Round I
Reservation period 8 am, 26 March–10pm, 30 March
Reservations are made through the form:
Processing of reservations 31 March, 6pm-9pm

Round II
Reservation period 8am, 2 Apr-10pm, 12 Apr
Reservations are made through the form:
Processing of reservations 14 Apr, 6pm-9pm

Please note that the reservation rounds do not end at midnight!

Reservations are updated to the electronic calendar after the reservation rounds.

Reservations after the reservation rounds

You can inquire the remaining available dates at HYY's Service Office from 16 Apr onwards. The available dates are visible on HYY's reservation calendar at

Prioritisation of reservations

Advance booking particularly concerns anniversaries, the afterparties of anniversaries and events with a specific date. Traditionally, the greatest emphasis during the regular booking rounds has been on the cooperation events of organisations. If the organisation has not checked the available hours, it may affect the prioritisation order of reservations. The Committee for Organisational Affairs decides on the prioritisation together with the board member in charge of organisational affairs and the specialist (organisations).
Terms and conditions of HYY's festive premises which concern the use of Alina Hall are available at



Tuning Day 9 March 2015

Tune your organisation and make it even better! HYY welcomes all active members of recreational organisations, student nations, as well as subject and faculty organisations to Tuning Day on 9 March 2015. Baffled by the Associations Act? Can skills learned from organisations be used in working life? How to get international students more involved? Get the best tips on Tuning Day, a training event that offers a variety of training sessions to organisation members. The event will take place at the University Main Building at Fabianinkatu 33.

There is common information for everyone over breakfast, after which a variety of training sessions will be organised. To wrap up the day, we will gather at the Helsinki Think Company premises at Vuorikatu 5.


Sign up before midnight 6.3.



Grants available for campus meeting points

HYY allocates grants to student groups and organisations, which organise events on Wednesdays on campus meeting points. The grant is intended for the organising of programme on campus meeting points, such as coffee supplies, equipment or decoration. The grants are allocated in a discretionary manner but usually the amount is approximately EUR 50/organisation.

Campus meeting points were opened in the honour of the University's 375th anniversary. You can organise activities on campus meeting points on Wednesdays at 2pm-5pm. The meeting points are suitable for organising coffee breaks or meeting new members.

Please send the application to the address The application should include the following: 
-The event organiser or the contact person of the organising party
-Date of the event
-The purpose for which you apply the grant and the estimated budget
-Bank account if other than the organisation account provided in Tahlo

Further information on campus meeting points:

Miran Hamidulla
Board Member (Organisations, Environment)


Organisational Affairs Q & A

-Are you wondering whether a person X can act as an auditor?
-Is Tahlo already closed and you have forgotten to deliver your documents?
-Do you have any questions related to your organisation/committee activities?

If you have any questions related to organisation or committee affairs, please send it to the address: .
HYY's organisational affairs ( ) publish answers to the presented questions every Tuesday.

You can also submit questions in Swedish and English!



"Suursitsit" are coming again!

Dear members of the Student Organizations,

Once again we are going to have "Suursitsit", the Grand Academic Dinner Party, at the Senate Square! The event in 2012 was a huge success and now we are planning do make it even bigger and better. 
This year will be special since now it is not only the 375th anniversary of the University of Helsinki but it has also been 150 years since the "ylioppislaslakki", Finnish graduation caps, were used for the first time. The event will be held on Thurday 28th of May at
17-22 o'clock.
The Senate Square has already been reserved and now we need to get as many student organizations to eat, drink and celebrate together. In other words we need all of you to make this party a success!
Each organization has the opportunity to reserve as many seats as they need. The organizations are in charge of taking their members registrations and payments for the event. They also have to take care of their own foods, tableware and drinks.  Every organization can suggest a song/s to a song booklet used in the event, and out of these suggestions the most popular ones will be selected.
A registration sheet will be sent to the organizations in March. You will also get then more information about the event via email, and there will be an info session. For the moment the most important thing for you to do is to find out how many people in your organization want to participate.
If you are interested in arranging this event there is still need for new enthusiastic members. Send an email to Noora Eilola (, and you can be part of making the biggest party of the year. If you have any questions or other inquiries you can send a message to me or Noora Eilola.

Best regards
Hennaleena Turpeinen
Suursitsi commitee