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Reservation rounds for Alina Hall for autumn 2019


The reservation rounds for Alina Hall’s autumn season start soon. There will be two actual reservation rounds in the spring, with an advance reservation round organised as well. During these rounds, organisations may get a total of two (2) Alina reservations for autumn 2019. The reservations are made on the separate electronic forms of each reservation round. Application forms will be published here later.

Each organisation making a reservation must complete the user training for Alina Hall during the current year. The training must have been completed before the organisation’s reservation takes place. User training for Alina Hall will be organised again in early autumn, and we will inform you about it later. If an organisation does not participate in the training, their reservation will expire.

Terms and conditions of Alina Hall’s user agreement can be found from Organisations should check which time slots are free at a given time from the Student Union’s electronic calendar at 

Advance application round

During the advance reservation round, organisations have the opportunity to apply for a reservation in advance before the actual reservation rounds begin if they have a well-justified reason to apply for a specific day. The advance reservation round thus covers occasions such as anniversaries, anniversary afterparties and events connected to a specific date. The criteria for the allocation of the advance reservations will be decided in the committee’s meeting on 5 March, and the criteria will be announced in connection with the reservation form.

In case an organisation is granted a reservation to Alina Hall in the advance reservation round, it CANNOT apply for a reservation in the first actual reservation round. Instead, the organisation can get its second reservation only during the second actual round.

Actual application rounds

Reservations are made in two rounds. During each round, an organisation may apply for one reservation to Alina, unless it has been granted a reservation during the advance reservation round. Organisations should check which time slots are free at a given time from the Student Union’s electronic calendar at Applying for days that have already been reserved may negatively affect the organisation’s chances of acquiring a reservation. Organisations may only receive one (1) reservation on each round, but it is a good idea to state several options for suitable dates in the form.

Decisions on the reservations are made after each reservation round by HYY’s Student Organisations Committee together with the person in charge of organisations in the Board and the specialist in organisations in an allocation event open to the Student Union’s members. The contact persons of organisations applying for a reservation must be reachable when the reservations are allocated in case a need to contact the organisation arises during the allocation process.

Incomplete or late applications will not be processed. If there are clashes in the dates that have been applied for, we will strive to provide all organisations with one of the dates they requested. In case this is not possible, the recipient of a time slot applied for by several organisations is decided by drawing lots. Organisations should consider alternative dates in case their original reservation requests clash with the requests made by other organisations.

Advance application round

Application period: noon on 11 March–11.59 pm on 17 March

Application requests are processed at 4.00–8.00 pm on Monday 18 March in meeting room Topelius

The advance application round has ended.

I round

Application period: noon on 19 March–11.59 pm on 24 March

Application requests are processed at 4.00–8.00 pm on Monday 25 March in meeting room Topelius

The 1st round has ended.

II round

Application period: noon on 26 March–11.59 pm on 31 March

Application requests are processed at 4.00–8.00 pm on Monday 1 April in meeting room Topelius

The reservations are updated into the electronic calendar after each round. Organisations that applied for a reservation will be informed of the decisions by email.

Reservation requests are made using the following form:

Reservations after the rounds

You may inquire about any remaining free time slots from HYY’s Services Office from 2 April onwards. Free time slots can be seen in HYY’s reservation calendar at after the reservation rounds.

In case you have any questions on the reservation rounds for Alina Hall, please contact the chairs of the Student Organisations Committee at or its chair, Lovisa Hirvonen, directly at lovisa.hirvonen(at) or 050 365 2544.