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User training for Alina Hall


The Financial Committee of HYY decided in its meeting on the 21st of May that from now on at least one of the security people at parties must have completed the user training for Alina Hall. The information about the user training will be checked when the keys are collected. Some issues and unclarities have also been noted in the usage of Alina Hall during the spring.

For these reasons, the Committee for Organisational Affairs of HYY will arrange additional trainings before the academic year officially starts. Every organisation that wants to use Alina Hall during the autumn has to take part in the training regardless of whether it took part in the training in spring 2015. In the training, there will be a run-through of the facilities and equipment of Alina Hall, but there will also be a focus on matters related to security.

The training dates are 17.8,18.8, 24.8, 25.8, 26.8 and 3.9. The trainings always start at 5pm and are held in Alina Hall (Mannerheimintie 5 A, 3rd floor). The training takes about an hour.

Sign up for the trainings through this form:

Several people from each organisation can take part in the training and are recommended to do so.

The new terms and conditions for Alina Hall come into effect 1.9.2015 and can be found here: The organisations have been informed about the changed terms and conditions 5.6.2015.

For more information about the trainings, please contact the chairperson of the Committee for Organisational Affairs Tero Juutilainen, tero.juutilainen(a)