Helsinki is the capital of Finland as well as the living room of all Finns. Helsinki is the city of those working, studying and living here. Helsinki is our common city.

The Student Union of the University of Helsinki has always had a close connection to the city. It should be obvious to everyone today that universities increase the appeal of modern cities. Our business life, research and culture would all be much poorer without the University of Helsinki. In addition to this, students bring about changes in the way our city is managed.

I was in the Representative Council myself as a representative of the HYY Greens. I was an active member of HYY’s Social Policy Division where we influenced matters such as the social situation of students with a family, family services, student housing, subsistence, mental health services, psychosocial support, disabled students’ opportunities to get about and the accessibility of the city. We organised events, brought up issues and wrote.

It has been a pleasure to note that these kinds of ways of influencing have not disappeared anywhere. Influencing matters in the Student Union is pretty similar to the advocacy work I currently do from the perspective of the entire Helsinki. Work done in the Student Union has become more efficient, and the management of Helsinki hears the students’ message ever louder and clearer, too. These messages have a lot of influence on the shape our city takes in the future.

What does the recipient of students’ messages think of them, then? That they are well thought out and the result of good decision-making. The issues have been debated and deliberated. And, most of all, that students care about the issues.

When you receive a message from HYY, you can be sure that they come from people chosen to represent the diverse voices that students themselves represent. We know that students care about who represents them. We should take such parties seriously. Receiving the messages is also made a lot easier by the fact that a large portion of the current decision-makers are also products of HYY.

Please indulge me as one such decision-maker reminisces a bit: I remember when I returned from an Erasmus exchange in Berlin. I had separated from my cohabiting partner during the exchange and returned to Helsinki without a home where I could go to. Studies were not going all that well either, and I decided to apply for a job as a project researcher to get something else to think about. HYY soon won me over. I made HYY a report on students’ wellbeing and subsistence. Similar reports still have an important role today in sketching out students’ situation.

As I walk to work through the Senate Square this autumn, I see groups of freshers who are just beginning their studies. Before that, I have walked past my old department of sociology on Unioninkatu and the building of the Faculty of Social Sciences where I worked at a clinic for dermatology and venereal diseases as a general upper secondary school student. I started my studies in sociology in Franzenia, which today is a city-run day care centre. The city has changed a lot, but HYY’s activities remain strong. It is good that some things change while others do not. Students themselves, however, are on the side of change – and that is good.

Sanna Vesikansa

The writer is the Deputy Mayor for Social Services and Health Care in Helsinki. In HYY, Vesikansa acted as a project researcher in 1994–1997, a member of the Representative Council and a member of the Social Policy Division.

The Student Union of the University of Helsinki (HYY) nominates Bachelor of Arts (Education) Krista Laitila for the Chair of the National Union of University Students in Finland (SYL) and Student of Social Sciences Titta Hiltunen and Master of Science, Student of Social Sciences Topias Tolonen for members of SYL’s Board for 2019.

Laitila, 25, a student of educational sciences, has acted as the Vice Chair of HYY’s Board this year, being in charge of coordinating the HYY150 Anniversary year and its main advocacy themes. Her other areas of responsibility have included advocacy work on the status of students with a family as well as spreading equality and improving University democracy in the administrative bodies of the University of Helsinki.

 ‘The Parliamentary elections, European Parliament elections and possible county elections are important influencing places for the entire student movement. As SYL’s chair, my goal would be to promote free and accessible education and support for the coping and mental health of the young generation in particular. The student movement should also be involved in promoting equality and making it visible in the everyday life of students’, Laitila states.

Titta Hiltunen has been in charge of matters related to students’ subsistence, advocacy work related to regional and parliamentary elections, and city and housing advocacy work in HYY’s Board this year. Hiltunen, 26, a student of political history, has been developing new ways of influencing for the student movement, including the student simulator, a game that highlights the various challenges students face with their subsistence. In addition to this, she has filed a complaint with the Parliamentary Ombudsman on the Student Union’s behalf about the interpretations of household in connection with general housing allowance. In SYL’s Board, she is motivated by the upcoming comprehensive reform of social security.

 ‘A major objective for the student movement next year is to get students included in the comprehensive reform of social security. Students are people like anyone else, and social security that cover basic needs in life is their right just as it is everyone else’s’, Hiltunen states.

Topias Tolonen, 24, has been in charge of communications, educational policy and international affairs in HYY’s Board. His tasks related to international affairs have concerned tuition fees for students from outside the EU and the EEA, students’ participation, and the University’s internationalisation strategies in particular. In addition to this, he has developed HYY’s processes of reactive communication and been an active participant in advocacy work within the University.

 Tolonen, who has studied applied mathematics and is currently studying economics, has accumulated experience especially in developing the internationality of the Finnish higher education field. ‘Finland’s EU presidency is an opportunity for SYL to bring forward the values of the Finnish student movement both during the presidency and during the period leading to the European Parliament elections. Our national higher education field is on the threshold of internationalisation, and the following years are critical for the future of Finland’s higher education field. The EU Presidency gives SYL an opportunity to show Europe how advocacy work in educational policy is conducted in Finland and, at the same time, to promote the accessibility of education more widely’, he explains.

‘Laitila’s experience in advocacy work is convincing. She has a vision for developing the organisation and a good approach to leadership. Hiltunen has strong expert knowledge and is motivated to create a more equal student movement. Tolonen is a creative expert who is inspired by both international advocacy work and educational policy’, Chair of HYY’s Board Lauri Linna describes the candidates.

SYL elects its Board for 2019 in its Congress, held on 16–17 November in Otaniemi. SYL looks after students’ interests on the national level, taking a stand on issues related to educational policy, social policy and international affairs.

Further information:

Krista Laitila
050 5950328

Titta Hiltunen
040 8270361

Topias Tolonen
040 5345896

Lauri Linna, Chair of HYY’s Board
050 543 9610

The Student Union will soon select new student representatives for the 94 executive groups of degree programmes for their next two-year term, 1 January 2019–31 December 2020. Two actual and two vice members will be representing students in each executive group.

The open call for applications to become a student representative in the executive groups of degree programmes ended at noon on Monday 8 October 2018. A total of 212 bachelor’s and master’s students applied to become a member in an executive group. The applicants will be personally informed on the progress of the selection process. 

The Student Union’s Central Selection Committee has processed how we move forward with the selections on 10 October. For those executive groups (listed here) for which we have not received at least as many applicants as there are open positions of actual student representative, the application period has been extended until Wednesday 17 October at noon (12pm). All applications recieved within the original period for applications will be automatically considered in the selections. The faculty-specific selection committees will process the applications during October and then make their proposal to HYY’s Board on the persons to be selected to the executive groups. HYY’s Board will make its decision during November, and the student members of the executive groups of degree programmes will be confirmed by the dean of each faculty. The term of the new student representatives begins in January.

Each bachelor’s and master’s programme at the University of Helsinki has an executive group that consists of the director of the degree programme, six other staff members and two actual student members along with their two personal vice members. The preparation of curricula and deciding on the annual teaching schedule are particularly important influencing places in the executive groups: the groups determine the framework for what courses are taught in the schedule, which studies are compulsory to everyone, how much optional studies can be included in degrees, what kind of study material and teaching methods are used on courses and what methods to complete courses each course has. In addition to this, the executive groups process issues related to student admissions in the degree programme and the use of teaching and facility resources, for instance.

For further information, please contact:

Silva Loikkanen
Selection coordinator

Jenna Sorjonen
Specialist in educational policy 

Kela annually monitors the study progress of the recipients of student aid. Further information is available here.

What period does the monitoring cover?

The academic year is from 1 August to 31 July. Credits received in August generally count towards the beginning academic year, which should already be taken into account when planning studies.

Students must complete an average of at least 5 credits for each used month of student aid and at least 20 credits during each academic year (the minimum requirement). If you receive student aid for even one month, you must thus complete at least 20 credits. If you receive aid for 9 months, you should complete at least 45 credits.

From autumn 2018 onwards, all higher education studies completed in Finland since 1 August 2011 are taken into account in the monitoring of study progress. This means that starting new studies after failing to complete the previous course of study no longer resets the counter for satisfactory study progress.

Did you complete a bachelor’s degree in the middle of the year?

If you complete your bachelor’s degree in the middle of the year, for example in February, for instance, Kela will look at your used months of aid and completed credits after this point separately. In this scenario, however, the minimum requirement of 20 credits does not concern you. If you graduate in the middle of the year, you might still get a letter requesting further information from Kela even if you had a sufficient number of credits for the entire academic year. In this case, you should reply to the letter, mentioning the fact that you completed your bachelor’s degree in the middle of the year in your reply.

I got a letter requesting further information. What should I do?

Reply to the letter and state the reasons for your unsatisfactory study progress. Generally acceptable reasons for slower study progress include an illness of your own or of a close family member, otherwise difficult circumstances and working on a particularly large study module (such as a master’s thesis). After your reply, Kela will decide whether the reasons you stated are acceptable.

If you have not completed enough credits during the previous academic year, the payment of your student aid may still be continued if you have completed an average of at least 5 credits for each used month of student aid during the entire course of your studies.

You can reduce the number of months of aid taken into account in the monitoring by returning student aid voluntarily. If you only return student aid after you have received the letter requesting further information, you should mention this in your reply.

What if the reasons I state in my reply are not accepted?

If the reasons you have presented are not deemed sufficient and you are not able to return student aid, your student aid may be changed to be paid out for a specified period of time or its payment may be discontinued with effect from 1 January. In such cases, you must complete new studies worth 20 credits to get your student aid reinstated. The payment of general housing allowance will not be discontinued but you cannot take out a student loan if your student aid has been discontinued.

Will the aid be recovered?

Student aid is rarely recovered because of unsatisfactory study progress. However, recovery may happen if you have a particularly low number of credits, less than 1 credit for each used month of student aid, for instance. Further information is available here.

How will I secure my subsistence after the aid has been discontinued?

If you receive general housing allowance, its payment will continue after the discontinuation of student aid. If you are not working or have no savings, you can apply for social assistance. Further information is available here.

Still wondering about something?

Please contact:

Hannele Kirveskoski
Specialist (subsistence, international affairs)
+358 50 543 9608
WhatsApp/Telegram: +358 50 543 9608

The goal we are working for has become clearer to me in time. When I was running for the Representative Council in autumn 2005, I had some kind of an understanding of what HYY Group is. However, too much time has passed for me to remember what I might have answered back then if someone had asked me why the Group exists.

Today, I would sum up the Group’s existence into these three points:
1) We look after HYY’s significant real estate assets: an area nearly the size of one block around the New Student House and another real estate complex near Domus Gaudium.
2) We receive profits from the aforementioned assets and distribute these profits to HYY. The Student Union can use these funds to promote the objectives it sees fit.
3) We conduct business while simultaneously advancing HYY’s objectives, such as societal and environmental responsibility, a better city – or simply good and responsible student meals.

What do these objectives mean for our work in the Group in practice? Many things. For services business, it means constantly striving to mitigate climate change. We do this by continually increasing the share of responsibly produced products, such as responsibly caught fish, organic and Fair Trade products and Finnish ingredients, among our products. In addition to this, we plan ways to reduce food waste, minimise transport emissions and act ever more responsibly towards our employees.

As for real estate business, the new Lyyra block, to be constructed in Hakaniemi, is a prime example of creating just the kind of better and more fun city that HYY believes in and wants to promote. Lyyra will create an internationally attractive meeting place for science and companies into the very heart of Helsinki, attracting top experts, allowing ideas to spread quickly and creating user-centric solutions.

If I had to sum up the purpose of HYY’s existence in a couple of rows, it might go like this: Our objective is to conduct business in the way the students of the University of Helsinki – you, our owners – want and guide us to. In 2005, I would never have believed how much I will get to influence the Group’s business activities, even much before I started working at the Group.

Leena Pihlajamäki

The writer is HYY Group’s business director in charge of services business. She spent her youth in meetings related to various positions of trust in HYY, for instance, but still believes it was worth it.

The Central Election Committee confirmed the candidates for Representative Council Elections

This year, the Representative Council elections have 591 candidates. The candidates are nominated by eleven different groups.

More information on the election:

Candidate numbers: 


Kokoomuksen opiskelijat 

2 Aho, Tuomas

3 Ahsanullah, Tarik

4 Aine, Valtteri

5 Botty van den Bruele, Adele

6 Granlund, Jenni

7 Hanhela, Heidi

8 Hannuksela, Juho

9 Heliste, Petteri

10 Hietala, Klaus

11 Huttunen, Hilma

12 Isoaho, Atte

13 Jaatinen, Tatu

14 Joensuu, Joakim

15 Karhunen, Mikko

16 Karjalainen, Topias

17 Keski-Luoma, Miika

18 Ketola, Lenita

19 Kiiskinen, Maria

20 Knaapi, Emilia

21 Koivuniemi, Wilhelmiina

22 Kolinen, Laura

23 Kontkin, Henri

24 Kupias, Marianna

25 Kuutti, Janina

26 Kuva, Salla

27 Kähkönen, Paavo

28 Laitila, Juho

29 Lehtinen, Mikko

30 Lohi, Santeri

31 Mankonen, Juuso

32 Meri, Otto

33 Mäkelä, Patrik

34 Niemi, Vertti

35 Nupponen, Konsta

36 Nurmela, Jeremias

37 Pauna, Ella

38 Perälampi, Lasse

39 Pirinen, Paula

40 Pulliainen, Joonas

41 Salomaa, Olli

42 Sarvela, Konsta

43 Sazonov, Daniel

44 Sillantaka, Nina

45 Sinisalo, Viivi

46 Taajamo, Joni

47 Tammekann, Samuel

48 Tarkiainen, Elisa

49 Tikkanen, Tuomas

50 Torikka, Peter

51 Varama, Martin

52 Vatanen, Petra

53 Venäläinen, Emmi

54 Vesinurm, Märt

55 Vuornos, Henrik

56 Widd, Cecilia

57 Wilskman, Juho


58 Brusila, Eerik

59 Härkönen, Hermanni (sit.)

60 Lahti, Risto

61 Liimatainen, Anniina

62 Linnainmaa, Eeva

63 Luttinen, Venla

64 Saarinen, Salla

65 Toppi, Hanna

66 Tuovinen, Väinö


HYYn Vihreät - De Gröna vid HUS - Helsinki University Greens

67 Akkanen, Saara

68 Aliklaavu, Viivi

69 Beciroski, Nera

70 Diarra, Fatim

71 Hadi, Mohammed S.

72 Harviainen, Juha

73 Hekkala, Toni

74 Helin, John

75 Huttunen, Oona

76 Häkkinen, Amanda

77 Ihalainen, Oskari

78 Janhunen, Mia

79 Kalliokoski, Henna

80 Karhunen, Paula

81 Karvonen, Okko

82 Kivipuro, Matias

83 Kopperoinen, Petja

84 Koskijoki, Kreeta

85 Kuokkanen, Karoliina

86 Käyhkö, Oona

87 Lammensalo, Linda

88 Linkola, Maija

89 Louhimies, Kukka

90 Miikki, Aino

91 Monira, Shirajum

92 Mäkinen, Theresa

93 Oyedayo, Oyelowo 'Finnfrican'

94 Pasanen, Amanda

95 Puumalainen, Olli

96 Rouvari, Akseli

97 Rytilä, Noora

98 Saarinen, Ada

99 Sauru, Miro

100 Seppänen, Tia

101 Silvenoinen, Minna

102 Simola, Sara

103 Sinisalo, Jade

104 Sivonen, Sameli

105 Suhonen, Saku

106 Sveholm, Eevi

107 Sylgren, Inka

108 Tarkhova, Daria

109 Tarpila, Lauri

110 Tujunen, Aleksi

111 Turkki, Anna

112 Turunen, Eeva

113 Tähkävuori, Riikka

114 Vallittu, Emmi

115 Vehmassalo, Aleksi

116 Vinkki, Samuel

117 Wasara, Mikki

118 Zidan, Sausan

119 Österman, Sebastian

Sitoutumaton Vasemmisto - Obunden Vänster - Independent Left

120 Castrén, Olli

121 Catani, Hanna

122 Correa, Aracelis

123 Gustafsson, Inari

124 Hallamaa, Tuomas

125 Halunen, Sanna

126 Hanhijoki, Touko

127 Hansson, Axel

128 Heikkilä, Taavi

129 Heinonen, Marianna

130 Helminen, Fiona

131 Hiltunen, Titta

132 Himanen, Satu

133 Houttu, Aku

134 Huikku, Sofia

135 Jäynäs, Jesse

136 Kaarento, Anni

137 Kari, Onerva

138 Kari, Onni

139 Karkkonen, Mikael

140 Kemppainen, Deniz

141 Keskinen, Jesse

142 Kivijärvi, Sari

143 Koivistoinen, Maija

144 Korkman, Elsa

145 Kouhia, Ninette

146 Kristeri, Tomi

147 Kukila, Eetu

148 Kurkilahti, Varpu

149 Kyllönen, Riku-Petteri

150 Kähönen, Juuso

151 Lampuoti, Jarkko

152 Lemström, Anna

153 Leppä, Sophia

154 Lievonen, Pipsa

155 Lindqvist, Joel

156 Linna, Lauri

157 Manninen, Arttu

158 Maunula, Aliisa

159 Muilu, Jaakko

160 Nurmivaara, Sami

161 Ojanperä, Heta

162 Palkoaho, Ella

163 Partanen, Linnea

164 Pentikäinen, Viena

165 Pettersson, Otto

166 Pitkänen, Aarni

167 Pulkkinen, Joonas

168 Rautila, Kanerva

169 Rissanen, Jaakko

170 Rytkönen, Aleksi

171 Strauss, Inga

172 Suihkonen, Tuomas

173 Tapaninen, Pekka

174 Thune, Mikael

175 Tirronen, Aster

176 Uusinarkaus, Julius

177 Wallgren, Amos

178 Wikblad, Frida

179 Zidan, Sofia

Svenska Nationer och Ämnesföreningar - SNÄf


180 Ahlström, Fredrik

181 Cederlöf, Karin 'Karzza'

182 Folger, Daniel

183 Härmälä, Rita

184 Liimatainen, Nora

185 Lindbäck, 'H-J'

186 Lång, Karolina

187 Nyberg, Teddi

188 Pipping, Hugo A.

189 Sjöberg, Nicolas

190 Stenbäck, Andreas

191 Tolonen, Joonas

192 Wallgren, Ville


193 Aalto, Eira

194 Back, Lovisa

195 Brummer, Saga

196 Ermala, Thomas

197 Granqvist, Emilia

198 Hammarberg, Linnéa

199 Henriksson, Sebastian

200 Hägglund, Penny

201 Högel, Caroline

202 Karlman, Alexander

203 Karlsson, Jessica

204 Korhonen, Isabella

205 Koskela, Calle

206 Lindén, Vera

207 Olander, Rasmus

208 Palmgren, Tobias

209 Sjöblom, Linda

210 Sjölund, Stefan

211 Vuorijoki, Anders

212 Westerholm, Antonia

213 Wik, Julia


214 Alperi, Camilla

215 Ekelund, Mirjam Mima

216 Eriksson, Robert

217 Heimbürger, Tua

218 Hätinen, Annika

219 Johansson, Peggy

220 Laitinen, Jesper

221 Larjanko, Leo

222 Lindfors, Matilda

223 Mickos, Daniel

224 Mickos, Viola 'Vipsu'

225 Perkonoja, Pauliina

226 Piippo, Emmi

227 Thilman, Alex "Sash"

228 Westerlund, Elin

229 Åström, Amanda


230 Fellman, Aslak

231 Grünn, Ida

232 Heikkilä, Emma

233 Helaskoski, Linda

234 Lindblom, Otto

235 Olander, Viktor

236 Piesala, Aapeli

237 Still, Sonja

238 Sundström, Ester

239 Weckman, Mikaela

Liberaalinen vaaliliitto

240 Sjöström, Kim

241 Andersson, Timo

Osakuntalainen vaalirengas 

Domus Gaudiumin osakunnat

242 Ahola, Olli

243 Helanne, Esa-Pekka

244 Korhonen, Vesa

245 Koskinen, Anna-Liisa 'Ansku'

246 Laine, Oona

247 Mankinen, Eerika

248 Nikula, Ottilia

249 Nurminen, Niklas

250 Nurminen, Patrik

251 Pesonen, Aino

252 Pohjalainen, Piia

253 Pykälistö, Pasi

254 Rahikainen, Sofia

255 Relander, Camilla

256 Salokoski, Janne

257 Taavitsainen, Ella

258 Vaaranta, Antti


259 Aho, Jenni

260 Hasunen, Sami

261 Hunnakko, Jenni

262 Kettunen, Ilkka

263 Korpi, Terhi

264 Kukkola, Ville

265 Meri, Emmi

266 Mäkelä, Mikko

267 Niemi, Saija

268 Ojala, Juha

269 Patronen, Pilvi

270 Pitkänen, Ilona

271 Pitkänen, Katriina

272 Pohjanrinne, Mira

273 Rahkola, Iina

274 Rahnasto, Johanna

275 Rinne, Sara

276 Rinta-Koski, Aino

277 Rytky, Annukka

278 Sarvola, Inka-Mari

279 Suhonen, Emmi

280 Tasanko, Elisa

281 Vähämäki, Tuuli


282 Hjerp, Anna

283 Karhula, Robi

284 Karvonen, Riina

285 Kelokari, Linda-Liisa

286 Koho, Samuli

287 Koskimäki, Mirkka

288 Lepistö, Essi

289 Mikkola, Meri

290 Myllyneva, Meri 'Merissa'

291 Peuhkuri, Janne

292 Piippo, Ossi

293 Ronkainen, Margareta

294 Salmi, Taru

295 Salo, Anna

296 Savolainen, Eeva-Miina

297 Taipale, Valtter

298 Takala, Sara

299 Tuokko, Kaarina

300 Vesa, Karoliina

301 Hamberg, Ninni

302 Huttunen, Mika

303 Kuusisto, Minttu

304 Rantala, Roosa

305 Tuominen, Niko


306 Alitalo, Tero

307 Anttila, Maria

308 Djakonowsky, Maria

309 Hirvonen, Tiera

310 Kivimäki, Anni

311 Matveinen, Kanerva

312 Molin, Niko

313 Mäkipää, Mikko

314 Rinne, Jonna

315 Siipola, Ossi

316 Silfverhuth, Iida

317 Solehmainen, Jukka

318 Timonen, Ville

319 Tolonen, Topias

320 Weckström, Laura

Savolainen osakunta

321 Väkevä, Sakari 'Sakke'

322 Salkunen, Johanna

323 Nieminen, Sanni

324 Kaukanen, Kari

325 Hämäläinen, Iida

326 Ruuth, Riikka

327 Esselström, Juho 'Juhise'

328 Pajunen, Minna

329 Ylhäisi, Matti

330 Hatakka, Ilari

331 Tanttu, Olli

332 Kyyrönen, Vesa

333 Pirinen, Taneli 'tnli'


334 Hämäläinen, Veli-Pekka

335 Immonen, Satu

336 Kantola, Roni

337 Kiiskinen, Merja

Perussuomalainen vaaliliitto

338 Kinnunen, Asseri

339 Kulmala, Roger

340 Lahtinen, Teemu

341 Myllymäki, Tapio

342 Ollikainen, Jasmina

343 Saramo, Nico Anton

344 Tahvanainen, Lauri

Edustajistoryhmä HELP 


345 Hujanen, Roosa

346 Liu, Ville

347 Mäkitalo, Roosa

348 Niskanen, Kaisa

349 Paunonen, Benjamin

350 Peuraharju, Elin

351 Ranta, Julia

352 Rantama, Pinja

353 Rouhiainen, Vilma

354 Rönty, Lotta

355 Syrjä, Maija

356 Tarkkonen, Teresa

357 Tuomi, Tytti

358 Tuurala, Henri

359 Virkkunen, Sirke

360 Välkki, Kristina

361 Yoshizumi, Hanna

362 Grönlund, Julia

363 Haapanen, Sami

364 Kasanen, Ellamaija

365 Kuivanen, Antti

366 Kääriä, Samuli

367 Lahti, Vilma

368 Lahtiharju, Arttu

369 Lehtisalo, Minna

370 Lönnberg, Ivar

371 Mervaala, Lauri

372 Mikkola, Visa

373 Mykkänen, Anssi

374 Patomo, Joonatan

375 Posa, Matias

376 Rissanen, Anni

377 Salaja, Lauri

378 Savander, Henri

379 Syvälahti, Timo

380 Takala, Sini

381 Tonteri, Elina

382 Vartiainen, Heini

383 Weselius, Johanna

384 Wihuri, Eleonoora


385 Aho, Henna

386 Aho, Varpu

387 Hakala, Riikka

388 Helenius, Alexandra

389 Heljanko, Viivi

390 Hirvonen, Helena

391 Huhtala, Minna

392 Huttunen, Minttu

393 Hyytiäinen, Hennariikka

394 Hämäläinen, Crista

395 Kankaanpää, Mari

396 Kivistö, Kanerva

397 Koivunen, Liisa "Lissu-Petteri"

398 Kolehmainen, Sonja

399 Lappalainen, Oskari

400 Lehmus, Anniina

401 Loukola, Johanna

402 Martikainen, Joanna

403 Meriläinen, Henrik

404 Mikkonen, Antti

405 Määttä, Roosa

406 Niemelä, Saana

407 Saaristo, Teea

408 Salonen, Nina

409 Suhonen, Sonja

410 Takala, Milla

411 Yli-Hynnilä, Anna

412 Aalto, Karri

413 Aikio, Milko

414 Antelo, Lauri

415 Heininen, Susanna

416 Helin, Lotta

417 Hintikka, Simo

418 Hyttinen, Nea

419 Hänninen, Juuso

420 Järvi, Iiro

421 Kallio, Aleksi

422 Keskimäki, Sanne

423 Kristiansson, Sara

424 Lahdentausta, Salla

425 Manninen, Kalle

426 Metsähuone, Viena

427 Niittymäki, Erika

428 Pernilä, Oona

429 Pohjavaara, Saana

430 Puharinen, Jarkko

431 Rinne, Elias

432 Saarimäki, Ville

433 Tiainen, Elina

434 Urvas, Lauri

435 Vikström, Maria

436 Wollstén, Daniela

437 Äärimaa, Jouko

HELP Pykälä/Justus

438 Aila, Santeri

439 Antonacci, Sara

440 Asp, Aapo

441 Barriskell, Daniel

442 Fallenius, Jemina

443 Heikkilä, Valtteri

444 Hieta-aho, Helmi

445 Kaarakainen, Henri

446 Laitinen, Sara

447 Larinkari, Olga

448 Lumilahti, Juuso

449 Lönnroth, Aapo

450 Markkanen, Kalle

451 Nurminen, Sammy

452 Piirainen, Sara

453 Reijonen, Sami

454 Rytky, Ami

455 Rytkönen, Olavi

456 Saari, Sakari

457 Sajakoski, Inka

458 Sassi, Lotta

459 Seppälä, Eveliina

460 Teittinen, Helinä

461 Viherkenttä, Linnea


HYAL Humanistit

462 Granström, Sampsa

463 Grünthal, Lauri

464 Halkola, Jenni

465 Hynönen, Laura

466 Ingman, Hanna

467 Jokela, Alina

468 Kalliokoski, Timo

469 Kotiniemi, Roope

470 Kärnä, Jane

471 Niemelä, Tia

472 Nurmi, Miska

473 Rousu, Fanny

474 Savisaari, Olli

475 Schumilov, Emma

476 Siljander, Saana

HYAL Kumpula

477 Halme, Eetu

478 Hautamäki, Jonna

479 Hirn, Mireleh

480 Holvio, Anna

481 Isomeri, Jessika

482 Karttunen, Sasu

483 Keltanen, Linnea

484 Kujala, Nicholas

485 Kähkönen, Harri

486 Laihanen, Ira

487 Leppälä, Ari

488 Malinen, Henri

489 Niskala, Iiro

490 Pellinen, Mikko

491 Saari, Ville-Veikko

492 Salmenperä, Ilmo

493 Velin, Santeri 'TeriSan'

494 Öhrnberg, Ronja

HYAL Meikku

495 El Fellah, Ali

496 Kärnä, Julia

497 Morikawa, Merit

498 Seppälä, Maaria

499 Vilminko, Eetu

HYAL Penger

500 De Pascale, Samuli 'Smuli'

501 Frolova, Kristina 'Kristi'

502 Hakala, Nea

503 Heinonen, Otto

504 Hellbom, Laura

505 Hirvonen, Lovisa 'Lollo'

506 Inkinen, Minna 'Inkine'

507 Lahdelma, Minja

508 Lahin, Laura

509 Laitila, Krista

510 Lappalainen, Ilmari

511 Lehtinen, Heini

512 Kallio, Riku 'Raikhart'

513 Kanerva, Suvi

514 Majava, Anna

515 Mustonen, Katariina

516 Mäki, Tommi

517 Nieminen, Elina

518 Nuckols, Wilson

519 Nyyssönen, Sophie

520 Salejärvi, Jean

521 Taponen, Jonna

522 Tuominen, Marika

523 Taipalus, Hanna

HYAL Teologit

524 Juutila, Markus

525 Järvinen, Sara

526 Kiiskilä, Roosa

527 Kirmanen, Lotta

528 Kivelä, Mio

529 Korja, Säde

530 Lehonmaa, Ville

531 Lindroth, Arttu

532 Nikki, Anni-Sofia

533 Nurmela, Jessiina

534 Rantanen, Krista

535 Raunio, Henri

536 Raunio, Samuli

537 Riihonen, Joni

538 Rinne, Susanna

539 Rättyä, Jonna

540 Saarela, Veronica

541 Vuori, Anna

542 Väistö, Väinö

HYAL Valtsika

543 Alho, Alli

544 Davies, Caelum (Cal)

545 Heikkilä, Tuomas

546 Hilska, Juuli

547 Kilpinen, Juuso

548 von Lerber, Milja

549 Linna, Jutta

550 Mälkiä, Tanja

551 Rantanen, Jyrki

552 Sinisalo, Mikko

553 Sirviö, Tom-Henrik

554 Sorsa, Henrietta

555 Timmer, Mathilda

556 Wathén, Laura

HYAL Viikki

557 Hannula, Sanni

558 Juutilainen, Katriina

559 Kinnunen, Salla

560 Lehtonen, Mikael

561 Liu, Julia

562 Lindfors, Leena

563 Nematollahi, Neda

Vapauden puolesta - Siniset ja KD

564 Ahva, Toni


565 Kuhno, Maisa

566 Sarasmaa, Aleksi

Opiskelijoiden sosialidemokraattinen yhdistys OSY ry

567 Behnke, Hanno

568 Eronen, Tuukka

569 Gebhard, Elisa

570 Gustafsson, Aleksanteri

571 Immonen, Erik

572 Jääskeläinen, Jesse

573 Kinnunen, Venla

574 Koreneff, Atte

575 Kovanen, Emilia

576 Kymäläinen, Mikko

577 Loima, Maria

578 Luukkainen, Elli

579 Mattila, Eetu

580 Myllyniemi, Markus

581 Mäkynen, Matias

582 Peltola, Jyri

583 Peltonen, Eemeli

584 Pitkänen, Tuulia

585 Qiu, Toivo

586 Reinola, Inka

587 Rissanen, Simo

588 Ruonaniemi, Silja

589 Salomäki, Mia

590 Suontakanen, Teppo

591 Tyyskä, Saija

592 Vuori, Wiking

Amanda Pasanen

Human rights are too important to be left to corporate discretion. The structure of the global economy encourages companies to seek profits by underpaying people from developing countries and favouring dangerous working conditions. For this reason, HYY and HYY Group have joined over 70 other organisations, corporate actors and trade unions by participating in the #Ykkösketjuun campaign coordinated by Finnwatch, an organisation promoting corporate accountability. The goal of the campaign is to get the drafting of an act on corporate social responsibility that respects human rights included in Finland’s next government programme.

In HYY Group, a company owned by the Student Union, responsibility has long been a basic principle guiding business activities. HYY Group aims to be a pioneer of responsibility and to actively promote the development of responsible business in Finland. The UniCafe restaurants owned by the Group favour Finnish and certified ingredients and strive to promote a culinary culture that mitigates climate change. UniCafe was the first restaurant chain to include insect-based food as part of its lunches. In addition to this, surplus food from the restaurants is sold after opening hours to decrease food waste. In real estate business, HYY Group strives towards responsibility through its choices of tenants and by using its property investments to develop Helsinki towards becoming the international capital of science and economy.

It is also important to students that the products and services they consume have not used child or forced labour in their production. It should not be the consumer’s responsibility to guess whether the company has acted responsibly or not. Helmi Partanen, an active member of the Development Cooperation Committee, emphasises that students are informed consumers and want to get employed in the future in companies that are global leaders in responsibility. Volunteers of HYY’s Development Cooperation Committee are in charge of the campaign from the students’ side.

Taking part in the #Ykkösketjuun campaign was an easy decision for HYY Group. Antti Kerppola, the Group’s CEO, states that HYY Group wants to be involved in making the entire corporate field in Finland global pioneers who do not make profits at the expense of those in a weaker position.

But what is the act on corporate social responsibility all about? Legislation already in place in France and Switzerland requires human rights due diligence from companies. In practice, this means that companies are required to chart human rights risks and their prevention in their activities. In case a company does not observe due diligence, sanctions are imposed on it. Finland is already committed to the UN’s Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights, which defines due diligence. Many Finnish companies already take care of the human rights effects of their activities but, unfortunately, not all companies act this way. An act on corporate social responsibility would ensure that trampling on human rights would no longer allow companies to get competitive advantages.

Read more about the campaign: ykkö

Sign the petition:

Amanda Pasanen
Member of HYY’s Board in charge of HYY Group, city advocacy work and development cooperation

Yhteiskuva Yritysvastuu

The Student Union of the University of Helsinki (HYY) is one of the founder communities of the Foundation for Student Housing in the Helsinki Region (Hoas) and a significant background figure. We are now looking for two members and two deputy members to the Hoas Delegation for the mandate period 20192020.

The most important responsibility of Hoas Delegation is to supervise the activities of Hoas Board. If necessary, the delegation also appoints Hoas board members. The Hoas Delegation consists of 16 members and meets annually mainly in the spring and autumn meetings.

In addition to statutory meetings, the delegation may convene in order to brainstorm, spar and develop Hoas. HYY provides training and background support for the position. The membership in Hoas Delegation is a confidential post and the members are not paid for the post.

Applicants should have interest in student housing, motivation to act for the purpose of Hoas, which is to facilitate the students' housing situation, and the enthusiasm to develop Hoas. The knowledge of the operating environment of Hoas and the preparedness to cooperate with HYY will contribute to the successful management of the confidential post. In addition, living in Hoas housing, being active in a tenant committee and experience in HYY's activities are considered as advantages. The operating language of the Delegation is Finnish so fluency in the Finnish language is an asset.

Please deliver your free-form application by email to no later than Oct. 14 2018. The application should include the applicant's first names, surname, address, email address and telephone number. You may also attach your CV. We hope to receive applications from persons with different backgrounds.

Please have a look at the Hoas statutes (in Finnish).

Further information:
HYY's Housing Specialist Sofia Lindqvist,, 050 543 9605

One of the most important tasks of the Student Union is to advocate for students’ interests: to defend students’ rights and status both in society and at the University. The Strategy and Policy Paper approved by the Representative Council guide what HYY focuses on in its activities. The guiding principle of the Strategy is our dream: the world’s happiest students building a fairer world.

Advocacy work in HYY is conducted particularly by four specialists and a group of members of the Board appointed by the Representative Council. This work is done in many ways: we meet decision-makers and people preparing issues at the University and the city organisation as well as draft statements and propose new operating methods. Besides this kind of advocacy work that occurs in the background, we also work through the public sphere: for instance, Chair of the Board Lauri Linna recently wrote an opinion piece for Helsingin Sanomat  for retaining HSL’s student discount.

Within the University, we ensure that students are involved in decision-making and that the wishes and needs of students are taken into account when planning teaching and in facility use. We could not do this alone on all levels of the University, which is why there are several hundred student representatives appointed by the Student Union acting in University administration. HYY provides these student representatives with information, training and support to ensure that students’ voice is heard in both individual degree programmes and University management.

Perhaps our most visible act so far this year has been The Student Simulator made in cooperation with the Aalto University Student Union. The simulator allows you to test things such as how living as a roomie affects your housing allowance and how combining studies and work can wear students out. In July, we went to meet politicians at SuomiAreena, and got Prime Minister Juha Sipilä to test how he would manage in the maze of student benefits. In the end, Sipilä had to give up his cat to finish his studies. The simulator helped us raise the issue of students’ complex benefit system and lacking subsistence into public discussion.

On the national level, we conduct advocacy work in a united front with the other student unions in Finland through the National Union of University Students in Finland. In the upcoming parliamentary elections, a united student movement is an influencer that has to be taken seriously. Our main theme is intergenerational justice. It is not right for decision-makers to make cuts directed at young people and education without a care for the future – whether the issue under discussion is climate change, wellbeing or pensions.

The Representative Council of the Student Union is elected in elections held on 31 October–7 November. The new Representative Council will get to influence everything we at HYY work for – the objectives and budget for the next year are decided on right after the elections, and the Student Union’s Strategy will be renewed next year, too. Use your power, vote in the Representative Council elections and steer our Student Union’s boat towards a direction that is in line with your values!

Aaro Riitakorpi

The writer is the Student Union’s Secretary General. He has previously acted as HYY’s specialist in educational policy, getting to influence issues such as the University’s internal funding model.

Have you come across a brilliant lecturer, a dedicated instructor an otherwise excellent teacher? The Student Union rewards this year’s best teacher, best international teacher and best instructor at the University of Helsinki. Send in your suggestions!

At HYY we want to make good teachers and good instructors known! Nominate a wonderful teacher as a candidate for HYY's Good Teacher – Magister Bonus Prize or Best International Teacher prize or nominate an invaluable instructor as a candidate for Good Instructor Prize. Nominees must be in a teaching or instructing position at the University of Helsinki. Any member of the academic community or a member organization can make nominations.

Magister Bonus –award
HYY’s Good Teacher – Magister Bonus prize is awarded each autumn to a teacher who has demonstrated skills and interest in both teaching and the people they teach in their work. You can find more information about the criteria for the prize here.

Best International Teacher –award
HYY’s Best International Teacher prize is awarded each autumn to a teacher who teaches in a foreign language and has demonstrated skills and interest in both teaching and the people they teach in their work. You can find more information about the criteria for the prize here.

Good Instructor –award
HYY’s Good Instructor prize has been established in 2018 and is awarded in the autumn to an instructor who has demonstrated commitment and interest in instruction and the people they instruct in their work. You can find more information about the criteria for the prize here.

Proposals for the recipient of prizes should be made using the Lyyti form by 11.59 pm on 14 October 2018.
Further information: Board Member Mathilda Timmer, p. 050 5418903, mathilda.timmer(at)