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Now when fall is here, it’s time to discuss how every student could have good and safe time in the events of every organisation. Events are an important place for finding friends and grouping and that’s why putting an effort in organising them is important. Analyse your organisation’s event’s for example by using this list:

  • it’s possible to attend the event without drinking alcohol
  • you can enjoy the event despite your home language
  • theme or activities don’t drive away or offend anyone
  • venue is accessible or in the event description it is written down who you can ask help from
  • most of the freshmen events are affordable
  • all the organisers and participants know what to do in emergency situations

Let’s make university a welcoming place for all of us togerther!

ORGANISATIONS ACTIVES’ RESTART Tuesday 8/22 at 5.15 p.m.

After the Summer, it’s sometimes hard to return to  the rythm of your normal life. The return to organisation work may also result in higher stress levels than usual. Weather you serve as your organisation’s chairman or as equality responsibilities officer - this event is made for you. Come and seek new inspiration and find a new way for the Autumn together with other organisations actives!
Organisations Actives’ Restart is organized for the first time this year and is meant to serve both as a soft landing back to organisation life as well as a trampoline for the Autumn and the organisation work. During the event, we will dig into questions about motivation, coping and the maintenance of these together.
Registration opens next Tuesday 8/8 at 8.08 a.m. The registration form can be found here.
The more precise time schedule will be updated closer to the actual date. The program will have an official part, which is held at the Maria hospital’s Maria 0-1 event space. After that there will be an after-party held at a Walking distance. The eventspace is accessible for disabled persons. The event is mainly held in Finnish, but we will do our best to assist in English and Swedish, if needed.
Organisations Actives’ Restart is organized by the Student Organisations Committee of the Student Union. The event can accommodate 140 participants.
Event on Facebook.