1. New specialist for organisational affairs
2. Training about GDPR, the new EU General Data Protection Regulation 9 April
3. Smoking in front of the New Student House
4. Event safety training for persons in charge of safety in organisations 24 April
5. Do you know a student who pays tuition fees?

1. New specialist for organisational affairs

HYY has selected Jaakko Kalske as the new specialist for organisational affairs. The current specialist has her last day in HYY 23 March and Kalske start 3 April. You can reach the new specialist by email jaakko.kalske@hyy.fi or jarjestosihteeri@hyy.fi or by phone 050 537 3798. This is the last organisations newsletter from specialist Maeda, the next one will come from the new specialist Kalske.

During the week without a specialist you can contact the board member in charge of organisations Jane Kärnä (jane.karna@hyy.fi, 0505439615) or the chair of the Financial Committee Sara Järvinen (sara.jarvinen@hyy.fi / 050 595 0324) as usual.

2. Training about GDPR, the new EU General Data Protection Regulation 9 April

The new EU-wide General Data Protection Regulation will enter into force in May. The new regulation concerns all organisations as well. HYY, AYY (Student Union of Aalto University) and TEK (Tekniikan korkeakoulutetut) organise a training together in Otaniemi on 9 April from 3:30 pm to 7:30 pm. The training consists of a common lecture and workshops. The lecture is livestreamed and is in Finnish but one of the workshops will be held in English and will summarize the key points of the lecture and give brief instructions and tips on how student organizations should develop their practices regarding personal data. Deadline for sign-ups is 6 April.

Sign up: https://www.lyyti.in/GDPRluento_9418
More information: https://www.tek.fi/fi/palvelut/tapahtumat/tietosuojalainsaadanto-uudistu...
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/events/769005286629302/

3. Smoking in front of the New Student House

HYY and HYY Group have declared themselves smoke free workplaces and due to that smoking is prohibited from now on at all times in front of staircase A. Permitted smoking places at the New Student House are the smoking room on the third floor of staircase A, the balconies and in front of Staircase C/Hansatalo where you can also find an ashtray.

4. Event safety training for persons in charge of safety in organisations 24 April

What should you do if a participant reports a case of harassment, someone acts aggressively or a board member has a panic attack in your organisation’s event? What do persons in charge of event safety do, and how can appointing one improve event safety?

HYY is organising a training session on acting as the person in charge of event safety for organisations that operate under HYY. You can participate in the session even if your organisation has not yet appointed separate persons in charge of safety for its events. In the training session, we will go through the most common problems and dangerous situations as well as how to react in case of emergency. We will also look at the safety principles used in HYY’s events, which organisations may base their own on.

Anyone from an organisation’s board may participate, but we especially recommend the training session for persons in charge of equality or event safety as well as the chairs. Sign up: https://www.lyyti.fi/reg/hyyturvallisuus

What: Event safety training for persons in charge of safety in organisations
When: At 5.00 pm on 24 April
Where: At Wilhelmsson Hall in the New Student House (at Mannerheimintie 5A, 5th floor)
Questions: Julius Uusinarkaus / julius.uusinarkaus@hyy.fi / +358(0)50 325 8041

The facilities are unfortunately not wheelchair accessible. If you need help getting to the event, please contact the organisers.

5. Do you know a student who pays tuition fees?

Last year University of Helsinki got its first international students who pay for their studies. HYY is hoping to get in contact with them: we wish to find out how they feel about their studies, student services, welfare and subsistence. If you know someone, please send them a link to this survey: https://goo.gl/forms/0bMwKFOtK6XdmlDv1

More information: Hannele Kirveskoski, hannele.kirveskoski@hyy.fi

HYY150 – 150 years of university community
Think Corner (at Yliopistonkatu 4), 3.30 pm–5.00 pm on 26 March

We warmly welcome you to celebrate 150-year-old HYY’s and 378-year-old University of Helsinki’s journey together at the Think Corner!

The Student Union, with its own anniversary year under way, is celebrating the University’s anniversary in a refreshing, cosy occasion on Monday, 26 March. There is a lot of shared history between 150-year-old HYY and the University of Helsinki, which will be remembered in upcoming events of the Anniversary too. But what will the next 150 years together bring along?

In the event, you will get to have a look at the contents of HYY’s Anniversary year and meet the influencers of the University community. Have your photo taken on a polaroid camera in front of the HYY150 photo wall, get yourself a HYY150 tote bag or overall badge, and send a letter to the student union of the future. You can also expect to hear some greetings and music.

The event is open to everyone. Welcome!


3.30 pm - Opening words: Chair of HYY’s Board Lauri Linna

4.00 pm - Greeting from the chairs of the Student Union

4.45 pm - Helena Lahtinen & Heikki Pajunen play David Bowie

Also participating:
HYY150 photo wall
DJ Gareth Hayes

The event is hosted by Vice Chair of HYY’s Board Krista Laitila.

Booking rounds for Alina Hall are held from 14 Mar till 9 Apr

Booking rounds for Alina Hall are here again. The hall can be booked during the two booking rounds. In addition, an advance booking round is held. During these rounds, you can be granted two (2) reservations for Alina Hall for the autumn of 2018. The bookings will be made through online forms, there is one for each round.

Each organisation that wishes to use Alina must complete the user training for Alina hall in 2018 by their reservation date. Training sessions will be held at the beginning of the autumn and more information will be sent out later.  If the organisation does not participate in the training, the reservation will be cancelled.

Terms and conditions of HYY's festive premises concerning the use of Alina Hall are available at https://hyy.helsinki.fi/sites/default/files/user_agreement_alina_2016.pdf

Organisations must check the available dates from the Student Union's electronic calendar at http://tilavaraus.hyy.fi

Advance booking

Advance booking round is from 12 pm on the 14 March  - 11:59 pm on the 20 March. During this period, organisations have the opportunity to book the Alina-hall in advance before the beginning of the actual booking rounds if the organisation has a good reason to do so. Advance bookings concern particularly anniversaries, the afterparties of anniversaries and events with a specific date.

Please notice that if the organisation is granted a reservation during the advance booking round it can’t be granted one until the second actual booking round.

Advance reservations are made through a separate reservation form at: https://goo.gl/forms/xJhkgzsoCw8022Pj1

Decisions on advance bookings are made by HYY’s Student Organisations Committee together with the board member in charge of organisations and the organisations specialist at the Committee’s meeting from 17:30 pm - 20 pm on 22 March.

Actual reservation rounds

Reservations are made in two rounds. On each round, you can apply for one reservation for Alina Hall unless you have been granted a reservation during the advance booking round. Organisations must check the available dates from the Student Union's electronic calendar at http://tilavaraus.hyy.fi . If the organisation has not checked the dates and tries to reserves dates that are already taken, it may affect the prioritisation of reservations. Organisation can have only one (1) reservation in a round, but there can be several options for the date in the reservation form.

The time you fill the application form for the reservations does not affect the outcome, but incomplete or late applications will be rejected. If there are overlapping reservations, we will do our best to offer all organisations atleast one of their original wishes. If that proves to be impossible, the dates may be settled by drawing lots. The Committee for Student Organizations is in charge of the granting the reservations and the raffle. The contact person designated by the organisation should be reachable by telephone after the end of both reservation rounds when the reservations will be processed. In this way, the organisation can be offered another date via phone if none of their original wishes for dates come true.  Organisations should consider alternative dates in case the original reservation wishes overlap with other organisations’ and the raffle doesn’t turn out in their favor.

Round I
Reservation period 12pm, 23 March – 12pm, 28 March.
Reservations are made through the form: https://goo.gl/forms/KlNe4zT2i1hXpoVr2
Processing of reservations 29 March,  17 pm - 20 pm.

Round II
Reservation period 12pm, 3 April – 11:59pm, 9 April.
Reservations are made through the form: https://goo.gl/forms/73K0YMM5KLhavS7s2
Processing of reservations 11 April,  18 pm - 21 pm.

Reservations are updated to the electronic calendar after each reservation round and organisations are sent an email.

Reservations after the reservation rounds

You can request for the remaining dates (if there are any)  at HYY's Service Office from 16th April onwards. The available dates are visible on HYY's reservation calendar at http://tilavaraus.hyy.fi

If you have any questions about the booking rounds you can contact the Student Organisations Committee: jarjestovaliokunta@hyy.fi or the chairperson Lauri Grünthal lauri.grunthal(at)helsinki.fi, 0503277480

1 Info session on the allocation of premises on the 8th of March at 5 PM

2 Booking rounds for Alina Hall March 14th - April 9th

3 Worried about a friend or family?

4 Training for people in charge of environmental affairs Mar 14

5 Theatre Agents' Night for people in charge of events/culture Mar 15

6 Does your organisation want to make some money on May Day?

1 Info session on the allocation of premises on the 8th of March at 5 PM

HYY allocates its organisational premises again for 2019-2020.
Info session about the allocation process will be held at Wilhelmsson Hall on Thursday March 8th at 5 PM. Unfortunately the space is located on the fifth floor and the staircase has no elevator.

All organisations operating within HYY can apply for organisational premises. The organisation must have been accepted to operate within HYY and must have filled out their contact information for 2018 into the Tahlo system in order to be able to apply. Applying for premises also requires that the organisation fills out the survey on using premises and the application for premises. Links to the survey and the application will be sent out when the application process begins. The Financial Committee will decide the final schedule and criteria for the allocation process in their meeting on the 13th of March.

The info session includes information about the schedule of the allocation process, tips on how to fill out the application and survey and which premises are allocated for 2019-2020.

In this year’s allocation the premises will be allocated for the next two years, 2019 to 2020. The allocation is prepared by HYY’s Financial Committee and ratified by HYY’s Board.
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/events/1694130864006851/

More information:

Chair of the Financial Committee Sara Järvinen
050 595 0324

Board Member in charge of organisations Jane Kärnä

Specialist (Organisations) Emi Maeda
050 537 3798

2 Booking rounds for Alina Hall March 14th - April 9th

The booking rounds for Alina Hall for Fall 2018 will begin soon. Booking rounds will be organised on the following dates:

Advance booking round 14th-20th of March
First actual booking round 23rd-28th of March
Second actual booking round 3rd-9th of April

3 Worried about a friend or family?

Together with the Finnish Association for Mental Health HYY and Nyyti ry offer a course in Mental First Aid for students active in organisations. The course, which is free of charge, is held on Oct 7-8 and it doesn't require any previous knowledge. Unfortunately the course language and its materials are all in Finnish. Let us know if there is demand for this kind of course also in English!

Further information:
HYY's board member Laura Wathén, laura.wathen@hyy.fi

4 Training for people in charge of environmental affairs Mar 14

Hey you, organisation active in charge of environmental affairs! Come to Sparre to get inspiration and share your experiences, because you don't have to fight alone with environmental issues!
On Wednesday 14.3. at 5 pm, the Environmental Committee of HYY organizes an event for all environmental representatives (Mannerheimintie 5A 2nd floor). Welcome!

5 Theatre Agents' Night for people in charge of events/culture Mar 15

Person in charge of culture and events in your organisation — welcome to the Finnish National Theatre's evening for Theatre Agents on 15 March!
In cooperation with the Finnish National Theatre, HYY is offering all HYY's persons in charge of events and culture an evening for Theatre Agents for the first time on Thursday 15 March!
The evening for Theatre Agents is a unique opportunity to be among the first to hear about the Finnish National Theatre's new performances — and of course to reserve the best spots for your organisation and friends before everyone else. Student benefits for HYY's members are marvellous this year! You will get more information on the benefits by attending the event.
Leading theatre professionals themselves will be introducing us to the programme of autumn 2018. You are very welcome to join!

5.00 pm: Doors to the Small Stage open and snacks are served in the lobby.
5.30 pm: Programme at the Small Stage begins.
After the programme there will be time to mingle in the lobby, enjoy a glass of bubbly and make reservations for the most interesting shows.

Sign up by 9 March. There is a limited number of places available. Participation is free for HYY's members.

Sign up here: https://www.lyyti.in/Teatteriagenttien_ilta_3965/en

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/events/196302417807125/

6 Does your organisation want to make some money on May Day?

Now there is a good opportunity to do an eco action and to fill the coffers of your organisation! HYY declares a competitive bidding for organisations for cleaning Ullanlinnanmäki after May Day.
The organisation must commit to provide the full contribution of at least ten people. Cleaning will take place on Wednesday 2 May, approx. from 7am to 2pm.

Bids by 10 am Tuesday 20 March to Julius Uusinarkaus (julius.uusinarkaus(a)hyy.fi). If two organisations make the same bid, the organisation who made the bid first will win. The organisation with the best bid will be contacted on Tuesday 20 March.