Does your organisation have an amazing regular event that you would like to organise with a larger-than-usual budget and greater investment in communications? Has your student nation once organised a single first-rate event that should definitely be organised again? Have you always dreamed of realising an event concept that your hobby organisation has not previously had the money or resources for? Or would you just like to organise something awesome with your HYY buddies for no particular reason other than to celebrate the 150-year-old Student Union?

This year all of this is possible.

In addition to the epic Anniversary, Flora’s Day, crowning of Manta and other traditional events, HYY is organising a two-week festival called HYY150 to celebrate the Anniversary year. The festival brings together the most interesting events of the organisations, student nations, hobby organisations and committees operating under the Student Union. The Festival tours the campuses of the University of Helsinki as well as downtown Helsinki from 10 to 24 November and culminates in HYY’s 150th Anniversary.

The Festival catalogue is being filled now. Sign up your own organisation’s event!

Events in the HYY150 Festival must have high quality, focus on the audience, be open to everyone and be in line with HYY’s values – but otherwise you are free to do what you want. Would you like to organise a band night, choir concert or techno party? How about an interview, debate or discussion event? Stand up night, theatre performance or drag show? Or even a food fair, science exhibition, historical walking tour or escape room?

Whether your idea is related to science, arts or nature, sign it up for the HYY150 Festival and join us to create the largest event of the Anniversary year. HYY awards grants and offers productional coaching, visibility in HYY’s event communications and support for acquiring event premises for the parties taking part in the festival.

Draft a description, budget and preliminary communication plan for your event and sign it up by 30 April using this form:

HYY reserves the right to select the events that participate in the HYY150 Festival. Organisations selected for the Festival must sign a contract stipulating the conditions for awarding the grant. Decisions on awarding the grants are made individually for each event. The events must be organised during the festival, between 10 and 24 November 2018. They must be open to everyone and realised in accordance with HYY’s values.

Questions and inquiries: krista.holm (at)

Info session on operational grants for organisations
Worried about a friend or family?
Have you encountered or witnessed sexual harassment during your studies?

Info session on operational grants for organisations

On what grounds does HYY decide the amount of money my organisation receives?
How could I receive a larger operational grant?
What do I do if our financial report or other financial documents are not ready in time?

The Financial Committee of the Student Union’s Board will be talking about the allocation of organisations’ operational grants and answering any related questions in Wilhelmsson Hall on Monday 19 February from 5 pm to 6 pm.

The info session will include information on the principles according to which the grants are allocated, how the allocation of operational grants is conducted and how you can attempt to increase the grant your organisation has received.

Questions can also be sent in advance to the chair of the Financial Committee at

Unfortunately, the premises are not accessible.

WHERE? In Wilhelmsson Hall (at Mannerheimintie 5 A, 5th floor)
WHEN? On 19 February from 5 pm to 6 pm
WHY? Because HYY wants to give you money


Worried about a friend or family?

Together with the Finnish Association for Mental Health HYY and Nyyti ry offer a course in Mental First Aid for students active in organisations. The course, which is free of charge, is held on Oct 7-8 and it doesn't require any previous knowledge. Unfortunately the course language and its materials are all in Finnish. Let us know if there is demand for this kind of course also in English!

Further information:
HYY's board member Laura Wathén,


Have you encountered or witnessed sexual harassment during your studies?

The Helsinki Association of Women Researchers is conducting a survey on sexual harassment in universities. The survey is aimed at all students and personnel of the University of Helsinki, Aalto University and the University of the Arts Helsinki regardless of gender and position. It is possible to respond to the survey anonymously. The aim of the survey is both to gather information on harassment occurring in universities and student life and to explore people’s understanding of what sexual harassment is. Please answer the survey by 12 March 2018.

1. Tuning Day 22nd of February
2. Does your organisation want to take over HYY's Instagram?
3. Course on Mental First Aid - save the date!

1. Tuning Day 22nd of February
Inspiration, development and tuning! Tuning Day, the training event for organisation actives, is here again on Thursday 22 February 2018! Whether you are active in a hobby organisation, student nation, subject organisation or faculty organisation, this event will provide you with chances to learn something new!
Read more:

2. Does your organisation want to take over HYY's Instagram?
HYY loves its organisations and wants to showcase their diversity by giving our Instagram account to you for a day, two or even a full week! This year, the takeovers will focus on HYY's instastory, but each organisation can post some picture in the feed too!
The account has over 2500 followers, so this is a great opportunity for you to reach new people, gain new followers and make yourselves known!

Does your organisation have an awesome event concept? Do you organise superb activities for students or do you have amazing studying places at your campus? Or maybe you have something else you’d like to show (off) to other students?
Interested? Please contact Jane Kärnä, the member of HYY's board in charge of organisational communications at to get the chance to take control of HYYs Instagram!

3. Course on Mental First Aid - save the date!
Together with the Finnish Association for Mental Health HYY and Nyyti ry offer a course in Mental First Aid for students active in organisations.
The course, which is free of charge, is held on March 17-18 and it doesn't require any previous knowledge. Unfortunately the course language and its materials are all in Finnish. More information and sign up will be published later.
We are looking into possibilities of organising a course in English in the future.

Welcome to the HYY’s Chairpersons’ Seminar on the 29th of January! The seminar gathers chairpersons from all various organisations operating within HYY, offers support, new ideas and tools to make your year as chairperson as good as possible. All chairpersons and one other representative (e.g. vice chairperson) from all the organisations operating within HYY are welcome to the event. Sign up via this form by Wednesday the 24th of January by 23:59:

The event begins at 5 pm with a common session and a little snack at the Alina and Wilhemsson Halls (New Student House,  3rd and 5th floor). After the common session each participant will take part in two workshops of their choosing. Each workshop will last 50 minutes with a small break in-between. After the workshops we’ll eat and close the official part of the event. Afterwards we’ll continue the evening with a relaxed afterparty where you also have a chance to go to the sauna. We will send the further information about the schedule and rooms before the event.

The event will be mostly in Finnish, but the workshops can also have English speaking groups (please choose the option in the sign up form) and we will do our best to help you follow the event.

The workshops:

Workshop 1: Chairperson's ABC 
The basics of being a chairperson. What are the minimum requirements that the chairperson should know? Which things should be done in the beginning of the year? Where can you get help and support?

Workshop 2: Meeting practices
No more confusion or frustration about meeting practices! Here you’ll hone your skills and after the workshop you will excel in running meetings.

Workshop 3: Documents as a superpower!
Does your organization only write documents to please HYY? Not anymore! Through this workshop you will be able to realize how to use your documents as assets for your organization.

Workshop 4: Yes, we can!
Tips and discussion about how to make sure your volunteers can keep going for all of the 365 days.

Workshop 5: Team building and motivating
In organizations team building and motivating are the things that pretty much determine what the year will be like for the board. In this workshop we practice and generate ideas for creating a functioning board and keeping them motivated throughout the whole year.

Workshop 6: Towards new horizons – leadership in transformation
Do you want to take your organization to a new direction? How to lead the transformations in your organization both when operations are developing and when they are changing? In this workshop you’ll get tips to successful transformation and training on leadership in the middle of transformations.


The seminar is organized by HYY’s Student Organisations Committee. More information on the event from the president of the committee: Lauri Grünthal,, 0503277480.

All organisations wanting to use the Alina Hall during the spring must send at least one representative to the Alina Hall training. The organisation must have taken part in the training in order to use their Alina reservation, this will be checked when handing the keys for the premises. All organisations must participate in the training each calendar year and at least one person appointed as a security person in each event organised at the Alina Hall must have participated in the training within the last year. It is highly recommended that several people from one organisation take part in the training. Each participant must sign up by filling out this form. You may represent only one organisation for the training.

The trainings are held at the Alina Hall, on the third floor of the New Student House (Mannerheimintie 5 A). There will be trainings in Finnish, Swedish and English, so please pay attention to the language options for the date you pick and take notice of the different times as well. The training lasts about an hour. The dates for the trainings are:

15.1. 6 pm (suomi/English)
17.1. 6 pm (suomi/svenska)
22.1. 5 pm (suomi/English)
22.1. 6.15 pm (suomi/English)
23.1. 5 pm (suomi/svenska)
23.1. 6.15 pm  (suomi/svenska).

Sign up for the trainings here:

More information from the President of HYY's Committee for Student Organisations Lauri Grünthal, lauri.grunthal(at), 0503277480

Also remember these:

Alina Hall's user agreement
Alina Hall's user's manual
Security person agreement

Have a peaceful, merry Christmas!
Save the dates: Seminar for Chairpersons I on 29 January and Tuning Day on 22 February
Wish international students welcome!

Have a peaceful, merry Christmas!

HYY’s office is closed from 21 December to 1 January. HYY thanks all organisations for the past year and wishes all organisational actors a peaceful and carefree Christmas!

Organisations operating in HYY’s premises: please remember to redirect or cancel any subscriptions to papers you may have for the duration of the Christmas holidays. Please also make sure that all windows are closed and waste containers emptied.

Save the dates: Seminar for Chairpersons I on 29 January and Tuning Day on 22 February

Year 2018 kicks off with the Seminar for Chairpersons organised by the Student Organisations Committee on Monday 29 January. The seminar offers a generous dose of training and meeting your fellow chairpersons. The programme and schedule will be published later, but now is the time to mark the date on your calendar!

When the chairpersons have been trained for their tasks, it is time to offer support and knowledge to all organisational actors and anyone else interested in the contents of the Tuning Day programme! The Tuning Day is a training day for HYY’s organisational actors, featuring training, inspiration and discussions on themes that interest organisational actors. The Tuning Day is held on 22 February in the Main Building of the University. The programme includes at least training sessions for treasurers, persons in charge of equality, event organisers and communicators.

Wish international students welcome!

Welcome Fair on January 10, 2018 at the Language Centre

Go international at home, join the event and invite international students in your organisations’ activities! It is possible for student organisations within HYY to participate in the Welcome Fair for international degree and exchange students. The event takes place at the Language Center of the University of Helsinki on January 10th, from 10 a.m. till 4 p.m. The places available for student organisations are limited.

Sign up at

Sign your organisation up at the latest on January 7th, but preferably earlier.

Should you not be able to be present at the Welcome Fair, it is possible to participate with a poster or flyers in English. Sign up through the link above regardless of whether you’ll present your organisation in person or through materials.

For more information please contact HYY specialist Hannele Kirveskoski: or 050 543 9608. Contact her if you’d like to check when students from your faculty will be expected at the Welcome Fair.

The winners of this year’s organisation contests have been chosen and rewarded! The winners were announced at the Organisation Gala on November 20th. Many organisations participated and the candidates were of high quality. Here you can find short descriptions of each category, used criteria and the winner.

Overall patch contest
The overall patch contest looked for fun, cool, clever or in other ways brilliant overall patches. The contest had 16 participants. Some concentrated on bringing whatever the organisation is about up in a funny way, some were made for a specific event and some commented on recent events. The winner was chosen by the Student Organisations Committee via voting. The winner was Erikeepperi’s patch.

Organisation paper contest
The contest accepted physical and online papers. 14 organisation papers participated. The winner was chosen by a separate jury. The jury concluded that all the participating papers were of high quality. The frontrunners were Tutkain by Kannunvalajat (faculty organisation for the faculty of social sciences), Poleemi by Polho (political history students) and Groteski by Media (communications students). Tutkain was chosen as the winner. The jury assessed that Tutkain looks into phenomena at the university and in society. The number that was sent in for the contest examined humanity and what it is to be ‘me’. Some parts of the paper were in English which claimed praise from the jury. The content and layout of the paper were amazingly produced. For these reasons Tutkain was chosen as the winner. You can view the number sent in for the contest here:

Sitsisong Contest
All participating songs had to be at least have new, rewritten lyrics but completely new tunes were also accepted. The song had to be fit to be sung at a sitsit but otherwise the theme was up to the writer. The song had to be written during the year 2017 and it could also still not have published. A total of 9 songs participated in the contest. The themes varied from studies related issues and student life to current issues and changes. The winner was chosen by the Student Organisation Committee and all songs were tested by singing them. Humanisticum’s entry Valehtelisin jos edustaisin (“I would lie if I represented”) was voted as the winner. The song was written to raise awareness and recruit new student representatives. Humanisticum is the faculty organisation for the faculty of arts. You can listen to the winning song here:

Cooperation Contest
The Cooperation Contest was looking for cooperation between two or more organisations. We hoped to find a way of cooperating that would be distinctive, eye-opening and especially beneficial, meaningful or elating for the participants. The cooperation could be an event, campaign or something else. The cooperation had to have taken place during the year 2017. Seven entries were submitted to the contest, all of very high quality and commendable. The entries varied from cooperation centered to creating unity amongst the student in the new programmes at the university to a sports event. The winner was chosen by the Student Organisations Committee. The winner was Konflikti 2017, a conflict simulation organised by Polho and VOO from HYY together with other student and other organisations from across the country. More information on the winning cooperation:

BOOST365  Contest
BOOST365 focused on finding ways organisations take care of their actives and things they do to help them get through the year without being too stressed and tired. The entry could be an event or on-going activities as long as they focused on the wellbeing of the organisation’s actives. Sadly, the contest didn’t get many participants which increased the worry whether organisations pay enough attention to their actives’ wellbeing and whether they know how to do it. Actives’ wellbeing was one of the main focuses of the Student Organisations Committee during 2017 and its importance has been very obvious and the theme will carry on as one of the emphasis next year as well. The winner of the contest was picked by a jury that featured a specialist from Nyyti ry. Aikuiskasvatuksen kilta (AKK) was chosen as the winner. Their work for the wellbeing of their actives was highly commendable as it was ongoing, diverse, inclusive and of high quality.

Advocacy Act of the Year Contest
The Studies Committee wishes to motivate organisations to do advocacy. That is why the Committee organized a contest to find the best advocacy act of the year 2017.
Six acts participated, all commendable and meaningful. They concentrated on things like feedback students give on courses, mentoring and finding your way on a new campus. The criteria used when selecting the winner were the impact the act had had, the length of the impact, cooperation and including the community. Good communications about the advocacy work was also appreciated. The winner was a cooperation between four subject organisations from the Art Research Programme: Aistimus (aesthetics), Katharsis (comparative literature), Repliikki (theatre research) and Synkooppi (musicology). Their actions helped secure necessary funding for special courses.

Environmental Sitsit of the Year
During the year 2017 HYY’s Environmental Committee has developed a guide to a more environmentally friendly sitsit. The guide will be published in early 2018. The Environmental Committee’s contest they looked for the best environmentally friendly sitsit. The criteria were recycling, the food’s impact on nature, spoilage and the sustainability of the decorations. Three organisations participated with their sitsit.
The winner of the contest was Symbioosi, the organisation for biology students. Symbioosi’s sitsit were praised for a delicious-sounding menu that took advantage of the harvest season, recycling and home-brewed beverage.

Sometimes you don't get credit for all the small or big things you do for an organisation. The Student Organisations Committee wanted to offer a way to thank deserving actives. Through 'Organisation Heroes 2017' anyone was able to report a person they felt deserves the title of Organisation Hero.

A total of 22 organisation heroes were reported. The heroes were announced rewarded with diplomas at the Organisation Gala. The Organisation Heroes 2017 are:

Jenni (NEFA, Humanisticum)
Sebastian (Historicus)
Ina (Historicus)
Sanni (Aikuiskasvatuksen kilta)
Arttu (TYT)
Emilia (Snäf, Nylands Nation)
Anu (Kompleksi)
Jenny (Östra Finlands Nation)
Juho (Humanisticum, HYAL)
Katri (Kronos)
Jenna (Fibula)
Emma (Humanisticum, SUB, Humanistispeksi)
Jaakko (Savolainen osakunta, SOL ja SOSSu ry)
Tiia (Matrix)
Teemu (Siula)
Suvi (Phemomena)
Vilma (Tekstiilarit)
Heini (Vuorovaikeutus)
Krista (HYAL)
Sakari (Savolainen osakunta)
Kristian (Savolaisen Osakunnan Laulajat)
Maria (Symbioosi)

HYY Chairpersons’ Seminar in Wilhelmsson Hall at 5pm on 13th Nov
HYY's & Unicafe's kitchenware sale Nov 14 at 8.30am-10.30am at Ylioppilasaukio Unicafe
Organisation Gala 2017
HYY’s 149th Anniversary and birthday party are drawing near – get your dinner card or tickets for the birthday party now!

‘How to organise sitsit that are safe for everyone’ guide published
Students’ Independence Day Procession on 6 December 2017 – sign up your organisation!

HYY Chairpersons’ Seminar in Wilhelmsson Hall at 5pm on 13th Nov
 HYY's Student Organisations Committee welcomes all chairpersons of faculty and subject organisations, student nations and recreational organisations operating within HYY to the Chairpersons’ Seminar on the 13th of November!
The seminar will begin at 5 pm in Wilhelmsson Hall (5th floor of the New Student House) with a common session that will be followed by workshops. After the official program there will be an after party. A more detailed schedule will be published closer to the event. The New Student House is not fully accessible but the organisers will help out as much as possible if necessary. The event is held mostly in Finnish.
Please remember to sign up by 10 November through this link:
How has you term as chairperson been? Has it been the time of your life or the complete opposite? What do you need to remember to end your term on a high note and what can you take away from this experience?
Come and meet others in the same situation and spend a great evening together!
Representatives of the Student Union will also talk inform about current affairs concerning organisations and the event offers an excellent opportunity to discuss with and give feedback to HYY.
In addition to the chairperson, another representative from your organisation is welcome to join the event.
There will be a specific program for people who have been elected or who are interested in running for chairperson for next year! The program starts with the common opening session at 5 pm in Wilhelmsson Hall. Afterwards the program continues with a chairpersons’ panel where current and former chairpersons share and can be asked about their experiences as chairperson. After the panel participants will get to share and discuss what their hopes and fears for the potential upcoming year as chairperson are with others.
There is no limit to how many can participate from one organisation, however the overall maximum of participants in the program for new and potential chairpersons is 60 due to the capacity of Wilhelmsson Hall.
For further information, please contact:
Jane Kärnä
Chair of the Student Organisations Committee / 0405896369

HYY's & Unicafe's kitchenware sale Nov 14 at 8.30am-10.30am at Ylioppilasaukio Unicafe

Big dinner calls for big wares!

Does your organisation's kitchen need more dishes? HYY and Unicafe will arrange a kitchenware sale at Ylioppilasaukio Unicafe on Tuesday 14th November. Cooking vessels, serving dishes and other kitchen utensils of catering kitchen level are on sale for a very low price.

Organisation Gala 2017
Organisation active, thank you for the important work you’ve done!
This year we would like to thank you in person by inviting you to the very first Organisation Gala! The event will feature the reveal of this year’s organisation contests’ winners as well as HYY’s first Organisation Heroes. Come spend a chill evening with other organisation actives. And the best part is, the Student Organisations Committee will take care of organising the event so all you have to do is be there and enjoy the night!
All organisation actives are welcome to join the event, even if your organisation didn’t participate in the organisation contests or didn’t report organisation heroes. However if you are interested in still doing so there are a few days left! Sign up for the contests:
The event is a cocktail kind of party. The doors open at 7 pm and the program starts at 7:30 pm at HYY’s Central Office (Mannerheimintie 5 A, 2nd floor). The event space is not accessible by wheelchair so if you require assistance, please contact the organisers.
Please RSVP via this link:, so we can reserve the right amount of food & refreshments.
More information:
Marika Tuominen
Vice Chair
Student Organisations Committee

HYY’s 149th Anniversary and birthday party are drawing near – get your dinner card or tickets for the birthday party now!
The Anniversary is held on the impressive premises of the Crowne Plaza hotel on Thursday 23 November 2017. The Anniversary begins with a cocktail event at 4.30 pm, and the Anniversary dinner is served at 5.45 pm. The stunning dinner party culminates in an academic Anniversary Ball.
After the dinner party and the Anniversary Ball, an atmospheric birthday party that is open to everyone begins. Starting at 10.30 pm, you can look forward to superb music, an epic programme and, first and foremost, a spectacular party you simply cannot miss. Ticket sales for the birthday party is open now! HYY offers 8-ticket packages aimed especially at organisations for a price of €48.

You can purchase your dinner card for the Anniversary here:
Registration ends on 12 November or when the places have been filled. The registration is binding. A ticket for the birthday party is included in the price of the dinner card.
You can purchase tickets for the birthday party here:
Advance tickets to the birthday party (1–19 November) €8/ticket or €48 for an 8-ticket package.
On the week of the event and from the door (20–23 November) €9/ticket.
The ticket price includes the cloakroom service fee (€3) and a gorgeous overall badge.
Further information on the Anniversary and the birthday party:

‘How to organise sitsit that are safe for everyone’ guide published
We have compiled a guide featuring measures that help you organise sitsit that are safe for everyone and in which everyone is able to participate. The best parties are the ones that everyone is able to enjoy!
The guide:

Students’ Independence Day Procession on 6 December 2017 – sign up your organisation!
Students  of the Capital Region celebrate the independence of hundred-year-old  Finland in the Students’ Independence Day Procession on 6 December. The  event is organised by the student unions of the Capital Region: HYY,  AYY, ArtSU, SHS, Kadettitoverikunta, Metka and Helga. Besides the  traditional torches, thousands of blue and white lights will illuminate  the Independence Day Procession and the public celebration at the Senate  Square.
We ask organisations operating under HYY to inform us  whether your flag participates in placing the wreaths at Sankariristi  (organisation at 3.30 pm) and the procession. Please sign up by Sunday 3  December at
The event on Facebook:

Booking rounds for Alina Hall from 16 October till 8 November

Booking rounds for Alina Hall are here again. The hall can be booked during the booking rounds. There are two booking rounds during fall. In addition, an advance booking round is held. During these rounds, you can be granted two (2) reservations for Alina Hall for the spring of 2018. The bookings will be made through online forms, there is one for each round.

Each organisation that wishes to use Alina  must complete the user training for Alina hall in 2018 by their reservation date. Training sessions will be held at the beginning of the year and more information will be sent out later.  If the organisation does not participate in the training, the reservation will be cancelled.

Terms and conditions of HYY's festive premises concerning the use of Alina Hall are available at

Organisations must check the available dates from the Student Union's electronic calendar at

Advance booking

Advance booking round is from 12 pm on the 16 October  - 11:59 pm on the 22 October. During this period, organisations have the opportunity to book the Alina-hall in advance before the beginning of the actual booking rounds if the organisation has a good reason to do so. Advance bookings concern particularly anniversaries, the afterparties of anniversaries and events with a specific date.

Please notice that if the organisation is granted a reservation during the advance booking round it can’t be granted one until the second actual booking round.

Advance reservations are made through a separate reservation form at:

Decisions on advance bookings are made by HYY’s Student Organisations Committee together with the board member in charge of organisations and the organisations specialist at the Committee’s meeting from 5pm-8pm on 24 October.

Actual reservation rounds

Reservations are made in two rounds. On each round, you can apply for one reservation for Alina Hall unless you have been granted a reservation during the advance booking round. Organisations must check the available dates from the Student Union's electronic calendar at . If the organisation has not checked the dates and tries to reserves dates that are already taken, it may affect the prioritisation of reservations.

The time you fill the application form for the reservations does not affect the outcome, but incomplete or late applications will be rejected. If there are overlapping reservations, we will do our best to offer all organisations atleast one of their original wishes. If that proves to be impossible, the dates may be settled by drawing lots. The Committee for Student Organizations is in charge of the granting the reservations and the raffle. The contact person designated by the organisation should be reachable by telephone after the end of both reservation rounds when the reservations will be processed. In this way, the organisation can be offered another date via phone if none of their original wishes for dates come true.  Organisations should consider alternative dates in case the original reservation wishes overlap with other organisations’ and the raffle doesn’t turn out in their favor.

Round I
Reservation period 12pm, 25 October – 11:59pm, 31 October.
Reservations are made through the form:
Processing of reservations 24 October, 5 pm-9pm.

Round II
Reservation period 12pm, 2 November – 11:59pm, 8 November.
Reservations are made through the form:
Processing of reservations 9 October, 5 pm-9pm.

Reservations are updated to the electronic calendar after each reservation round and organisations are sent an email.

Reservations after the reservation rounds

You can request for the remaining dates (if there are any)  at HYY's Service Office from 13 November onwards. The available dates are visible on HYY's reservation calendar at

If you have any questions about the booking rounds you can contact the Student Organisations Committee: or the chairperson, 0405896369.