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Kattosauna Sivistys

Entrance at Leppäsuonkatu 11

The attic sauna Sivistys is located in Domus Gaudium. Besides the sauna, Sivistys features spacious lounge facilities and a glazed roof terrace. Its equipment includes a video projector, dishwasher, oven and fridge. Organisations operating under HYY can rent the attic sauna Sivisty for €160 per night from Sunday to Thurstay  at either 8 am-4 pm or 6 pm-2 am and for €190 on Fridays and Saturdays at either 8 am-4 pm or 6 pm-2 am. Organisations may reserve Sivistys twice per calendar year with organisation prices - once on a Friday or a Saturday and once on a night from Sunday to Thursday.

The organisation prices from Sivistys only concerns organisations operating under HYY adn the discount is not given to private individuals. When reserving Sivistys, organisations must use the discount code 'HKV14' in order to receive the organisation discount. They must also mention the organisation's name in the contact information of the person making the reservation.
The discount only covers Sivistys, not any other saunas renter out by Sauna2.

Terms and instructions for organisational use of the attic sauna Sivistys.

Reservations and payment details of the attic sauna Sivistys:

Reservation servive:

Basement sauna Niiniluoto

New Student House (at Mannerheimintie 5), Staircase B, basement

Reservations from HYY's Services Office.

No separate meeting room, only a dressing room equipped with a small refrigerator. The rent of the sauna is 55€ per night from Sundays to Thursday or €110 on Fridays and Saturdays. In addition to this, a key deposit is collected from the user of the sauna. The deposit is refunded when the keys are returned as agreed. You can store the deposit for the whole year. Te reservation always ends at 7 am at the latest.

The sauna is only rented to organisations operating within HYY. The person who collects the key to the sauna must have a power of attorney signed by a member of their organisation who has the right to sign for it. The use of the sauna is subject to the conditions of the user agreement for festive and meeting facilities. There is no elevator in the facility.


Kaivotalo Building, Kaivokatu 10 A, 9th floor

Reservations from HYY's Services Office.

The attic sauna Kekkonen is designed for approximately 20 people. The dressing room can be used as a lounge, as there is no separate lounge. The equipment includes a refrigerator. The sauna may be used from 10am to 2am. The use of sauna is regulated by the terms of use for festive and meeting facilities. Kekkonen is very much not accessible.

HYY's organisations can rent Kekkonen for €55 per night from Sunday to Thursday and for €110 on Fridays and Saturdays. When using Kekkonen, you are able to use the adjacent meeting room, Batman, as additional space with no extra fee.

NOTE! Rental prices and terms for members are available here.

The entrance to Kekkonen is on Kaivokatu (the street between the railway station and Kaivopiha). Enter through the glass doors on the left side of the Huawei store. Take the lift to the 8th floor and then take the stairs on the left to go up one flight. Go through the first glass door using the Abloy key. You can enter Kekkonen through the door at the end of the corridor using the Abloy key.  On the rooftop landing, turn to the left. The door to Kekkonen is the second one on the left and you can enter it with the black key.

The door to the staircase closes already at 6pm. You must never leave the door wedged open.

The sauna and meeting rooms must be cavated at the agreed time but no later than 2am. Security guards follow the times and report to HYY about any deviations.

The users of the facilities must take out all trash and bottles/cans as they leave.