Student Houses

The Old Student House

The Old Student House, located at the heart of Helsinki, was completed at the edge of the city centre of that time in 1870. The location was good as student parties did not disturb other citizens there. Balls, social evenings, clubs, meetings and theatre performances, for example, have been organised at the Old Student House over the years. In the 1960s and the 1970s, the Old Student House operated as the meeting point for a political student movement. The famous occupation of the Old Student House took place on 25 Nov 1968 when students demanded democracy to the university. In April 1978, the Old Student House was taken over by firemen when the building caught fire. The fire destroyed the Old Student House almost completely. Thanks to extensive restoration work, the Old Student House was able to continue its operations already within a few years after the incident.

Today, various parties, clubs and events are organised in the Great Hall of the Old Student House. Vanhan Kuppila, renovated in the summer of 2006, is students' living room where clubs are organised on Wednesdays. Music corporations practise on the second floor of the Old Student House and HYY's Representative Council holds its meetings there.

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The New Student House

In 1910, the student nation house was constructed next to the Old Student House and it is currently known as the New Student House. HYY's Central Office, Services Office and Ylioppilaslehti student magazine are located in the building. The building also includes premises of student nations and organisations as well as festive and meeting premises.

In the 1940s–1960s, the Student Union constructed a group of buildings to Leppäsuo, known as Domus Academica. Some of the buildings are used for student housing and the underground premises include HYY's organisational and festive premises as well as HYY's archives.


Domus Gaudium and Domus Academica

At the end of 2008, the so-called third student house, Domus Gaudium, was constructed next to Domus Academica. The Student Union has various organisational and festive premises as well as a rooftop sauna in the building.