Student Union


HYY members democratically elect the Representative Council of 60 members from among themselves for two years at a time. The next Representative Council elections will be arranged in the autumn of 2012.

The Representative Council annually appoints the Board to lead the Student Union activities. The Board consists of 7-13 members and has the administrative and executive power. The Board has a parliamentary liability for the Representative Council.   

The duties of the Board and the Representative Council are defined in HYY's rules and the rules of procedure of the Board and the Representative Council.

The hired staff attends to the Student Union's daily operations together with the Board. The staff includes the secretary general, administrative director, six specialists and the communications officer, as well as three office secretaries. The office secretaries attend to the operations of HYY's Services Office. HYY's employees also include two employees in Domus Gaudium archives and two children's instructors in child care sercices.

Several committees also operate in HYY. They are organs annually appointed by the Board, which focus on
generating ideas and organising activities in a certain field of operation.