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Join committee activities!

All members of HYY can participate in the student union activities in committees and influence the students' affairs. Committee activities may include just about anything, ranging from the organising of cultural events to education policy debates. Most of the committees meet every couple of weeks.

You can join committees throughout the year. Meetings are open to all members of HYY.

Contact information:

Are you inspired by event production, campus farming, Finno-Ugric nations or development cooperation, for instance? Get involved with HYY’s committee activities! In the committees, you get to do things that interest you and meet new people. New members’ evenings are organised between 26 February and 15 March, but everyone is definitely welcome to join the action at any time!

26 February: Bilingualism Committee’s new members’ evening
27 February: Events Committee’s new members’ evening
12 March: Studies Committee’s new members’ evening
12 March: Student Organisations Committee’s new members’ evening
14 March: Environmental Committee and Campus Farming Committee’s new members’ evening
15 March: Development Cooperation Committee’s Bangladesh dinner and new members’ evening

Check out the details of the new members’ evenings that interest you under the committee in question and ask for more information from the committee’s chair, if needed. You can find the contact information here:

Student Organisations Committee

The Committee for Organisational Affairs participates in the development of the operating conditions for organisations within HYY in cooperation with the specialist and the board member in charge. The committee organises and produces content for organisation training sessions by organising two chairperson seminars, for example. The committee distributes user hours for Alina Hall and participates in the development of the operating grant allocation for organisations, as well as organises contests for organisations.

Want to participate in the committee?

WHAT: Student Organisations Committee’s Newcomers’ Night
WHERE: To be announced
WHEN: March 12, 6 pm
WHY: Interested in organisations? In the Student Organisations Committee you have the chance to do almost what ever you wish to! Whether it’s rewarding the active members of student organisations, having sitsit (academic dinner party) on the street or training the chairpersons of the organisations, leave it to us. In this committee even the craziest ideas can come true!
FB: Coming soon!

Studies Committee

The Committee for Academic Affairs aims to develop the university teaching and study administration, so that all students' would have the opportunity to progress in their studies as well as possible. The committee has influence on the university's education policy on the department, faculty and university level. The committee aims at sharing good practices and promoting the implementation of objectives chosen together in different units. The committee operates with study advisors and student representatives in administration as a cooperative network. In recent years, the committee activities have focused on the improvement of study guidance, development of digital teaching methods (such as the exam aquarium), and the effects of the national student admission reform at the University of Helsinki.

Want to participate in the committee?

WHAT: Studies Committee meeting and newcomers evening
WHERE: Meeting room Sparre (New Student House, 2nd floor, Mannerheimintie 5 A).
WHEN: Monday 12th of March at 17.00–21.00
WHY:  Do you know what Studies Committee does? Are you interested in academic affairs and would you like to talk about them? Come and join us, and find out all the cool stuff you'll be able to do at Studies Committee! Welcome!

Events Committee

Add some sparkles to student life! The Events Committee is the place to be for members of the Student Union interested in event organisation. You can take part in brainstorming and implementing the Student Union’s events as well as in creating the committee’s own activities that reflect yourself. The work is done in cooperation with the Student Union’s producer and the person in charge of cultural affairs in the Board –and with a low barrier, of course!
HYY's Events & Culture

Warmly welcome to the very first Newbies’ night of this year!

WHAT: Newbies’ night of the events comittee
WHERE: At Rydman, Kaivokatu 10, 9th floor
WHEN: 27.2.2018, vi are going to start at 18.00 o’clock
TO WHOM: For you!
WHY: Now you have a great opportunity to join the comittee and get to know a lot of amazing people!

Environmental Committee

Are environmental issues close to your heart? Join the company of likeminded people! In the Environmental Committee, we learn about, discuss and, above all, get inspiration from themes related to the environment. Besides various nature trips and documentary nights, our activities also include larger campaigns ranging from events for exchanging clothes to dinners made using surplus food – and all this in good company. Are you interested? More information about our activities is available on the Environmental Committee’s Facebook page and blog.

Want to participate in the committee?

WHAT: The Environmental Committee’s New members’ evening
WHERE: Meeting room Sparre, New student house (2nd floor), Mannerheimintie 5 A
WHEN: Wednesday 14th of March at 6.00 pm.
WHY: Because it’s important that people interested in environmental issues or campus farming combine their forces!

Campus Farming Committee

The purpose of the campus farming committee is to organise common urban farming of the student union and the university.

Want to participate in the committee?

WHAT: The evening for new campus farmers
WHERE: Meeting room Sparre (New Student House, 2nd floor, Mannerheimintie 5 A).
WHEN: 14th of March at 6pm
WHY: Do you want to farm in your university this summer? We have farming spots in Meilahti, Viikki, Kumpula and the city center campus. The evening is organized together with the Committee for Environmental Affairs. We will meet each other, have some snacks and discuss the farming possibilities at the university. For more information (if you need help or instructions on how to arrive) you can call Josefiina Tiainen at 044 0336856. You’re welcome, bring your friends along!
FB: Coming soon!

Development Cooperation Committee

Do you want to make the world a better place? Do you consider global responsibility and equality important issues? Would you like to get some experience of development cooperation? If you answered yes even once or if you wondered what on earth the questions mean, join us in the Development Cooperation Committee! The Committee manages HYY’s development cooperation projects and organises global education events. You can join us at any time by contacting the Chair or by attending the Committee’s events. You can learn about the Committee’s events by following our Facebook page, and further information is available on the Committee’s website.

Want to participate in the committee?

WHAT: Bangladesh cultural night + get to know the Development Cooperation Committee of HYY
WHERE: Alina hall, the New student house, 3th floor (Mannerheimintie 5 A)
WHEN: Thursday 15th of March (the programme and timetable will be released later)
WHY: Are you interested in global questions, different cultures, spicy and delicious snacks and/or henna tattoos? Come and learn about the development cooperation of the Student Union while diving into the wonderful, unique and diverse culture of Bangladesh!
FB: Coming soon!

Finno-Ugric Committee

The Finno-Ugric Committee provides a place for everyone at the University interested in the affairs of peoples who speak Finno-Ugric languages. The Committee coordinates the channelling of funds acquired through the Finno-Ugric nations collection into the Finno-Ugric nations’ various cultural projects as well as organises events with a Finno-Ugric theme – such as tastings of traditional dishes and movie nights – for interested people. If you believe that minority cultures have the right to exist, join the committee’s activities.

Bilingualism Committee

More information coming soon in English!


Want to participate in the committee?

WHAT: The Bilingualism Committee's new members' night
WHERE: Wilhelmsson-hall, New Student House, 5. floor (Mannerheimintie 5 A)
WHEN: 26.2. at 17-20
WHY: Do you want to affect the bilingualism at both the university and the Student Union? Do you like organizing biligual events? Then the Biligual Committee's new members' night is the right place for you!