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For candidates

Instructions on advertising in the representative council election can be found here. For more information contact vaalit(a) or representative of your electoral coalition.

The nomination of candidates will begin on 12 noon 1 August –12 noon 26 September 2016.

Candidate declaration form.

All members of the Student Union who have registered for attendance at the University by 15 September 2016 are eligible to become members of the Representative Council (barring the exceptions referred to in HYY’s Constitution, Section 6; mainly the chairpersons of the Student Union and persons permanently employed by the Student Union).

To run as a candidate, fill in and return the candidate declaration form to HYY’s Central Office by 26 September at noon.
•The forms are available at HYY’s Central Office and downloadable here.
•The candidate declaration must have the candidate’s personal signature
•Late applications will not be processed

Candidates may form electoral coalitions. Each electoral coalition must have a representative and a vice representative. A candidate may belong to only one electoral coalition, and an electoral coalition may include a maximum of sixty candidates.
Electoral coalitions or candidates may form electoral alliances.

Candidate numbers are confirmed on 6 October.