The operations of HYY are guided by:

1. Regulations

The Student Union is a corporation subject to public law which position and purposes are defined in the Universities Act and the University Decree of the Council of State.

Universities Act 558/2009

The Student Union

”Among the students of the university there is a student union, which shall have self-government. The purpose of the student union is to act as a link between its members and to promote their societal, social and intellectual aspirations and their aspirations regarding studies and students’ status in society. The student union shall participate in the performance of the educational mission of the university referred to in Section 2 by preparing students for an active, cognisant and critical citizenship".

The especial duty of the student union shall be

1. to nominate student representatives to the administrative bodies of the university referred to in Chapter 3;
2.  to nominate student representatives to the student financial aid board of the university referred to in Section 9 of the Student Financial Act (65/1994); and
3. contribute to the performance of the tasks relating to students' primary health care referred to in Section 17 of the Primary Health Care Act (1326/2010) and Chapter 13, Sections 11 - 14, of the Health Insurance Act (1224/2004).

All the university students who have been admitted to programmes leading to a lower or higher university degree, with the exception of students in made-to-order education, shall belong to the student union. The student union may also accept other students of the university as members.

Also see the Universities Decree (in Finnish)

2. The student union's own documents

In addition to the Universities Act and the Universities Decree, the student union operations are guided by the student union's own rules and guidelines of the Student Union. The general principles and guidelines for the operations are specified in HYY's strategy and more concise partial strategies, as well as in different plans.

The website of the Ministry of Education and Culture also includes the current legislation (in Finnish).