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HYY’s members will have parties upon parties in 2018.

We will meet at the square in the spring when HYY’s members crown Manta in the May Day celebration of all time. On May Day, the 150-year-old Student Union will also be celebrated at HYY’s cocktail event and Ullanlinnanmäki.

In November, HYY’s organisations and committees show off their skills during the two-week HYY150 Festival, which culminates in the Anniversary.

HYY150 will also be seen and heard in the everyday routines of the Student Union as well as its other parties such as the Grand Academic Dinner Party, Flora’s Day and the Freshman Adventure.

Check out the entire offering of the Anniversary year from our event calendar. The most recent news on the Anniversary can be found on HYY’s Facebook and Instagram. You can also share your own HYY150 highlights using the hashtag #HYY150.

May Day cocktail party | 27 April 2018

Location: G18
This year, HYY’s May Day season kicks off with a festive cocktail event.

Crowning of Manta | 30 April 2018

Location: Market Square
Members of the 150-year-old HYY crown Manta in the May Day celebration of all time.

May Day | 1 May 2018

Location: Ullanlinnanmäki
HYY celebrates May Day in traditional fashion with singing and a picnic at Ullanlinnanmäki.

FLORA 2018 | 9 May 2018

Location: the Meilahti campus
The University community’s shared springtime celebration is organised on the Meilahti campus this year.

Grand Sitsit | 24 May 2018

Location: Senate Square
Dinner party atmosphere at the Senate Square! Finland’s largest academic dinner party, or sitsit, organised now for the third time, brings the culture of academic dinner parties to the city centre.

Opening Carnival | 3 September 2018

Location: City Centre campus
The City Centre campus is filled with Carnival atmosphere to mark the start of the new academic year. Get to know the organisations and clubs of the University of Helsinki, tune into autumn and enjoy the superb programme.

Fresher Adventure | 28 September 2018

Location: Kaivopiha (start)
The largest and greatest event for new students in Finland takes over Helsinki yet again. Do not forget the dazzling afterparty in The Circus either!

HYY150 Festival | 10–24 November 2018

The two-week festival crowning the HYY150 Anniversary year brings together the best events of the Student Union.

HYY’s 150th Anniversary | 24 November 2018

Let us raise a toast for the Student Union, turning 150 years old, at HYY’s great academic dinner party.

HYY150 birthday party | 24 November 2018

Location: The Circus
Party like it’s 1868! The open afterparty of the Anniversary will have partying worthy of 150 years!

Students’ Independence Day Procession | 6 December 2018

Location: Hietaniemi cemetery (start)
The students’ joint Independence Day procession will illuminate the streets of Helsinki from the Hietaniemi cemetery up to the Senate Square.

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