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Little HYY

Child care services Little HYY provide temporary childcare for HYY's members. The minimum age to bring a child to the child care is 6 months and the day care is provided at the maximum for three hours per day.

Little HYY's address is Siltavuorenpenger 3 C. Entrance is through the inner yard.

Please, make a reservation in advance and remember to cancel your reservation if you do not need it. The full price will be charged for uncancelled bookings.

Little HYY also offers regular hours, which are so popular that it is advisable to book them early in advance. At the beginning of the academic term, you can only book the maximum of two regular times for one week.

During the academic terms, single child care hours can be booked if they are available and any cancelled regular hours can also be booked.

Reservations are to be made via e-mail (pikkuhyy(at)

Opening hours, Mon–Thu, 8am–4pm and Fri, 8am–2pm.
Price 5 e/ hour, sibling discount.


Little HYY is open until the end of June. You can still book hours for June.

Little HYY is closed 2 to 31 July 2018, and we open again 1 August.

The time to book regular hours also starts 1 August.

Regular hours for September-December can be booked 31 August at 8am onwards.

Further information:
pikkuhyy(at) or +358 50 303 8333

Follow Little HYY's Facebook-page as well!

E-mail list for Little HYY

The list is open for the student union members with a family who use the child care or who are interested in its activities. The e-mail list provides information on the current issues of Little HYY and the cancelled child care hours. We only accept inquiries concerning cancelled hours by e-mail to avoid double bookings by telephone.