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Membership terms and fees

All students studying for bachelor's or master's degree (basic-degree students) at the University of Helsinki are members of the Student Union (HYY) and therefore bound to pay the membership fee of the student union. To enrol at the University of Helsinki, you have to pay the Student Union (HYY) membership fee. Membership fee is paid when registering for the academic year in the OILI-system.
Registration period is 1 May to 31 August 2017, during which the membership fee has to be paid.
Membership fee for basic-degree students (Bachelor's or Master's students) is 101 euros for the entire academic year 2017-2018.

See instructions for enrolling the university here. As a new student, see instructions here.
For exchange students and doctoral students, membership of the Student Union is voluntary. Annual registration for attendance (or non-attendance) is obligatory for all students.

Academic year 2017-2018 starts 1 August 2017.

Doctoral students (those completing a doctoral or licentiate degree) can join the student union whenever during the academic year. Doctoral students' benefits are more limited than those of the undergraduate students. Doctoral students are not entitled to use the services of Finnish Student Health Service (FSHS) or travel discounts. However, other discounts, benefits and services are numerous.
Membership fee for doctoral students is 46 euros for 2017-2018.
If you have a study right for both basic-degree and a doctoral degree, you have to pay a membership fee of a basic-degree student.
Only as a member of the student union, you may order a student card. Instructions for doctoral students' annual registration can be found here.

Exchange students can voluntarily join the Student Union if they study at the University of Helsinki for at least three months. You have to make the decicion whether to join the student union at the beginning of the term (by the end of August or by the end of January, respectively) or within five days upon your arrival. Internships at the university do not usually entitle you for membership.

OILI registration system is in use for the whole academic year, thus working also during spring term, if you wish to change your non-attendance to attendance.

In case if you are not able to pay in the above-mentioned means (OILI or WebOodi), you may also pay your membership fee direcly to HYY's account using the general reference number 28 04990. Use the bank account number FI80 1573 3000 0324 57 at the Nordea Bank Ltd. and BIC code NDEAFIHH. The bank's address is: Nordea Bank Finland, Aleksanterinkatu 36 B, Helsinki FIN-00020 Nordea.

In this case, you registration will not be saved automatically to the university database, and you have to bring a receipt of the payment to university's student services by visiting them or by e-mail.


Summary of the payments for the academic year 2017-2018



Development Co-operation

HYY's development project in Bangladesh enhances climate resilience of rural communities by teaching them to adapt to environmental problems caused and intensified by climate change.

Student Nation Membership

In order to join a student nation (osakunta), pay the membership fee. Write the acronym of your student nation into the message field of the payment or onto the receipt of the payment. Your membership will not be registered automatically, so make sure that it is entered in the student register at the enrolment locations. After paying the membership fee, a new nation member (also a student changing her nation membership) must go and additionally enrol at the nation. Bear in mind that some nations require an annual enrolment at the nation in order to maintain the membership (check with your nation). Further infomation on nations on HYY's website here and also on Co-delegation of Student Nations.


A student registered for non-attendance does not pay the membership fee and is not entitled to student discounts and benefits or to the services of the Student Union such as calendar and the year tag. A student registered for non-attendance is not entitled to vote in the Representative Council elections of the Student Union. You can find the instructions to register for non-attendance on university's website.

Further Information on Enrolment

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