For Students

Student card and the year tag

The most convenient way to prove your student status and HYY membership is to present a student card with valid year tag. The Finnish Student Card entitles you to numerous services and discounts only intended for students. New students should apply for a student card as soon as they register as attending at the university, although the card can only move to print when the study right begins. Further information on the card options and student discounts with the Student Card is available on website.

Additionally, the membership can also be proved with a Certificate of Student Status, which is available from the University's Student Services. The Certificate does not, however, entitle you to most of the discounts and benefits (basically only FSHS Services and meals at your campus).

HYY's Services Office advises and helps with issues related to membership, membership fees, and student cards. You can also collect your student card, year tag, and the student calendar from the Services Office.

Why do you need a student card?

  • To prove you are a student at the University of Helsinki
  • To prove you are a HYY member
  • To get discounts in student restaurants, travelling etc.
  • To get all of the discounts negotiated by Frank (see

Who can get a student card?

  • You have the right to the student card by being a member of your student union
  • You can order your card after you have paid and registered the membership fee

Student card types:

  • Digital student card with Frank App free of charge for Android and iOS mobile phones. As a basic-degree or a post-graduate student member of HYY Student Union you can activate your student card approximately two days after your study right has started given that you membership has been registered when enrolling for the academic year.


  • Student card for basic-degree students with payment feature 0 €

Maksuominaisuudellinen opiskelijakortti etu  taka

  • Student card ISIC for basic-degree students with payment feature 15 €

ISIC taka 

  • Student card for basic-degree students without payment feature 15,10 € + postage 1 €

Maksuominaisuudeton kortti etu 

  • Student card ISIC for basic-degree students without payment feature 30,10 € + postage 1 €


  • Post-graduate student card without payment feature 15,10 € + postage 1 €

Jatkarikortti etu 

  • Student card ISIC for post-graduate students without payment feature 30,10 € + postage 1 €


  • Student card ISIC for post-graduate students with payment feature 15 €

ISIC taka  jatkarin ISIC taka

  • Apply for the card at
  • NB! As of autumn term 2017, all student cards are delivered directly home from print. You may inquire cards printed earlier than this from HYY Services Office. Delivery time for new student cards is approximately 1 to 2 weeks. Please, bear in mind that a student card is not valid without a year tag.
  • If your student card gets lost, you can order a new one from website. While you wait for a new card, you may pick up a Certificate of Student Status from the University's Student Services to prove your membership. The Certificate, however, only gives you health care services and student priced meals at UniCafé.

The year tag on the card and how to get it:

  • You must get a new year tag on your card at the beginning of every new academic year to prove your student card is valid.
  • The year tag is only provided for HYY's student card and only after you have paid and registered the membership fee.
  • Year tags may be picked up at the university campuses at the start of the academic year (
  • During the rest of the academic year, year tags are only given out at the Student Union's (HYY) Services Office. The University does not give year tags any longer.

    Temporary HYY service points to pick up a year tag in 2017

    Temporary year tag points for autumn 2017 are now closed. Year tags are given out at the HYY Services Office. Calendars can be still picked up at Kaisa Library, and possibly also on Meilahti, Kumpula and Viikki campuses.


Collection of the year tag (only for the members of HYY):

For your own card:
  • You need to present an ID with a photo.
  • If the year tag is damaged, you can collect a new tag from the Services Office. NB! Please bring your student card and the old tag with you.
For another person's card:
  • You will need the student card for which you are collecting the year tag, the collector's ID and a power of attorney including information of the matter and who authorizes whom (with the dates of birth), the date and the signature of the represented person.
    NOTE: For a student card that includes MasterCard it is not possible to authorize another person to collect your year tag!