HYY Influences

Influencing at University


Students take part in decision making on all levels of the university’s administration. Student members in the university’s faculty and department councils are the student community’s voice in the university. Student representatives work for your interests also in the University’s Board and in the University Collegium that supervises the Board.

You can influence decisions and issues that affect you and all the students at the university by turning to your student representative(s) at your own department or faculty. You will find their names at halloped.fi or on the faculty and department websites.

If you come across any problems with your studies – getting a your exam or essay graded takes forever, there are never enough exam books available at the library, a course’s work load is at odds with the amount of credits or there’s no study counselling on offer – study the problem you have come across and present to your student representative or subject organisation a possible and viable solution. After making an initiative and putting a case forward, keep in touch with the person to whom you have trusted your initiative so you can keep track of its progress.

You can also become a student representative yourself. The Student Union HYY recruits student representatives for the new degree programmes (in effect in August 2017) in the University of Helsinki during winter 2016–17. The Student Union also holds the administration elections for student representatives in the University admin every other year, next in November 2017. The term for student members and representatives is two years. The university’s administrative organs will also be supplemented between elections: open calls for them will be posted on HYY’s website, member newsletter, email lists and Facebook page.

Where to find information?

The most convenient source for more information is the Student Union HYY’s specialist and Members of the Board in charge of education policy.

The names of student representatives can be found at halloped.fi and on the respective university websites of each administrative organ: the university’s Board, University Collegium, faculty and department councils.

Contact details of department council members are available from the department's director or the office manager, and the contact details of the faculty council are available from the faculty's administrative director. The contact details of the university board members are available on the University's website. The admin staff and board members will all help you with issues concerning the university administration. Meeting agendas and minutes of all administrative organs are public documents and thus available from departments, faculty offices, the secretary of the board meeting, as well as the on university's website or intranet Flamma.